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Dirt Jump Helmets and BMX Helmets

Helmets for spectacular jumps and cool tricks

Spectacular jumps and cool tricks with your bike. Dirt jump and BMX junkies are subjected to a higher risk of falls. That’s why we recommend anyone – whether child, teenager or adult – to wear a special dirt jump or BMX helmet on every tour. As opposed to standard bike helmets and MTB helmets, these skate-style helmets only have a very small visor or no visor at all. This is what gives them their unmistakable look and the reason why they are sometimes referred to as “potty” helmets. Thanks to their hardshell design, however, these helmets offer plenty of head coverage with great side and rear protection. Moreover, they are a stylish accessory in dirt jump and BMX parks. We stock a range of skate helmets for dirt jump and BMX sports in all standard sizes, price ranges and colours from renowned brands such as UVEX, MELON and more.

Dirt jump helmets for tricks and jumps

BMX helmets are bike helmets that are made from particularly hard-wearing materials. An outer shell made from hard plastic or polystyrene provides effective absorption of impact energy and protects thus from head injuries. The outer shell and the EPS foam are firmly connected using the In-Mold procedure to make sure that impact energy is distributed over a large area. The shape of a BMX helmet clearly differs from the one of a standard bike helmet. Compared to a classic bike helmet, BMX helmets have fewer vents at the front and top. What’s more, the shell of a BMX helmet extends down the sides to ensure a full head coverage.

What should I pay attention to when buying a BMX helmet?

As the shell of dirt jump helmets is not very breathable, you should make sure that your helmet has sufficient vents. These will keep you cool even during difficult tricks and jumps. Moreover, a good and precise closure system is particularly important. To prevent the helmet from slipping, the chin strap should be adjustable to make it fit snug without pinching or restricting. In addition, some of the dirt jump and BMX helmets in our range offer an integrated fitting system at the back of the head, which can be adjusted to your head circumference with a dial. In this way, your bike helmet remains in place during action and will thus provide sufficient protection.

How should a dirt jump helmet fit?

The perfect bike helmet should fit snug around the head – it shouldn’t wobble, slip or put pressure on the head. To determine your helmet size, you need a measuring tape. Place it on your forehead just above your eyebrows and run it around your head, while keeping it as straight as possible. The measured circumference in centimetres (cm) corresponds to your helmet size. If you try on helmets for BMX and dirt jump, you should make sure the straps fit tight, yet without restricting and without feeling uncomfortable on your ears. Therefore, our product range contains bike helmets in every size and fit.

When should I replace my bike helmet?

A crash might seriously damage your BMX or dirt jump helmet. Not every damage is visible on the outside though. Cracks in the material and the foam inside will keep the helmet from absorbing as much energy as it did before – your safety is no longer guaranteed. That’s why you should replace your bike helmet after every fall. Even if your bike helmet wasn’t used in a crash, you should replace it at regular intervals. UV rays, moisture and other outside influences remove the helmet’s glue after a certain amount of time, or they cause the helmet’s material to wear out. This is why we recommend buying a new helmet regularly.

If you do spectacular jumps on your bike or if you would like to wear a colourful helmet on leisure rides, you should go for a BMX helmet. Our product range includes numerous kids‘, men’s and women’s helmets for dirt jump and BMX action with varied designs, colours (from classic matt black or white through to trendy colours of the season such as pink), in every price segment and from popular brands such as UVEX, MELON and others. Discover our large selection of bike helmets and get ready for your next tour!