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Cascos para bicicleta de carretera: Protección perfecta a altas velocidades

Bike helmets for speed lovers

When you are hitting the tarmac at high speeds, you need a helmet that you can rely on. High quality, a low weight and optimum fit – here you will find the ideal helmet for your next road cycling tour. Browse through our product range, which includes helmets for women and men in all price ranges – from low-priced road helmets for beginners through to top-of-the line models for professionals, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The bike helmets are available in classic colours like matt black/black, red, white or with trendy designs. Popular manufacturers are, for example, GIRO, BELL, MAVIC, UVEX, MET, ALPINA, KASK, POC and RUDY PROJECT. These brands offer helmets in all price ranges.

How do I choose the best road helmet for me?

The perfect road bike helmet for you should not only be safe. Good ventilation thanks to large vents or ventilation channels inside the helmet shell helps you keep cool in races. In addition, a road bike helmet should be as light as possible and fit comfortably without pinching, so that you won’t even find it a nuisance on long tours. Some bike helmets of our range feature the MIPS system that is said to reduce rotational forces acting on the brain in case of a fall.

Road bike helmets – the featherweights among bike helmets

In road cycling, it is sometimes about every gram saved. The lightest bike, the lightest clothes, the lightest components – all for a better result. Of course, the bike helmet must fit into this concept. Many road bike helmets are real flyweights with a weight of a mere 200 or 300 grams (depending on model and size). Therefore, road bike helmets are especially comfortable to wear on long distances without compromising on safety.

Best ventilation for on the road

When looking for the right race helmet, it is recommended to pay attention to the helmet’s integrated ventilation system. Vents inside the shell will cool your head, integrated ventilation channels offer breathability on exhausting sections. Some bike helmets have an insect net built in the front vents to keep away bees, flies and other insects. A brilliant tip to protect yourself from unwelcome animals.

With or without visor?

A visor on a road helmet can protect you from insects, dirt, sun exposure, yet also from wind, rain and snow. Thanks to the integrated nose cutout, the lens of the visor does not fog up easily. Perfect for your road bike tours.

Which size do I need?

The perfect road helmet should fit snug around your head – it shouldn’t wobble, slip or put pressure on your head. Most road cycling helmets come with a rotating dial that allows for individual size adjustment to the head circumference. To determine your cycle helmet size, you need a measuring tape. Place it on your forehead above your eyebrows and run it around your head, as straight as possible. The measured circumference in centimetres (cm) corresponds to your helmet size. When you try on helmets in your size, you should pay attention that the straps are snug, yet do not pinch or feel uncomfortable on your ears. Our product range includes racing bike helmets in every size.

When should I replace my helmet?

A crash might seriously damage your helmet. Not every damage is visible on the outside. Cracks in the material and the foam inside will keep the helmet from absorbing as much energy as it did before – your safety is no longer guaranteed. That’s why you should replace your bike helmet after every fall. Even if your road helmet wasn’t used in a crash, you should replace it at regular intervals. UV rays, moisture and other outside influences remove the helmet’s glue after a certain amount of time, or they cause the helmet’s material to wear out. This is why we recommend buying a new helmet regularly.

MIPS – new technology against rotational forces

Some of the road helmets in our product range come with the so-called “MIPS” system – which is short for “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System“. This describes a slip-plane system within the helmet. It is designed to rotate inside the helmet in order to minimise rotational forces that may occur during side impacts particularly. Road bike helmets with MIPS system are marked as such.

Whether you have just started road cycling or have already become a road bike pro – in the ROSE Bikes online shop you will find the right road helmet model for maximum safety, with a low weight and high wearing comfort. Browse through our offer, which includes aerodynamic helmets for women and men in all price ranges, from low-priced starter models to high-end road helmets for pros – you are sure to find the right helmet for you. The cycling helmets are available in classic designs and colours from matt black/black, red, white, or with trendy patterns. Well-known brands such as GIRO, BELL, MAVIC, UVEX, MET, ALPINA, KASK, POC and RUDY PROJECT, as well as versions in all price ranges are kept in stock.