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Ergonomic cycling products by Ergon
The name of the bicycle company Ergon says it all, because Ergon is the abbreviation for the term ergonomics. That’s why Ergon cycling products such as saddles, grips, backpacks, reflectors, gloves or pedals especially stand out for their user friendliness. The focus is on: good workmanship, efficiency and thus the protection of joints and muscles, because there are many complications that may occur while riding your bike. Sitting on a bicycle saddle for a long time can cause back pain, your wrists can hurt when the angle is too steep or too flat when riding and shifting, and the hands can hurt when the cycling gloves are not ergonomically designed or shaped. The research for ideal materials and the right technologies forms the basis of Ergon bicycle products. Through intensive research and precise observation only, you can develop parts that allow for a perfect feeling while riding.

Ergon cycling products – tested by professional cycling teams
Ergon products are permanently tested by professional cycling teams: for best performances in international top-class cycling races, for pro riders and for a relaxed riding every day. Whether for the mountain bike or cycling sector, whether for road athletes, team athletes or individual cyclists, whether for cycling pros or everyday riders: Ergon primarily offers products that stand out for their technology. The aim of the research and development department of Ergon is perfection – and happy and successful cyclists. To achieve this, Ergon develops bicycle saddles, grips, pedals, cycling gloves, bicycle backpacks and other bike tools – always aiming at achieving a perfect shape and a good result.

Cycling components by Ergon – professional know-how for best bike performance
For all developments for the cycling product range, Ergon relies on specialists. It’s always the pros of their discipline who further improve Ergon cycling products: industrial designers, sports physicians, road cyclists, sports scientists, engineers, bike experts – all of them are ergonomic pros. Together, they research and develop the Ergon cycling product range.

“The Ergon Method”
Ergonomics, design and engineering share equal importance in the Research & Development department of Ergon. All three areas complement each other and work synonymously.
The 16-member team consists of leading specialists in their respective fields: comprised of physicians, sports scientists, engineers, industrial designers and world class athletes. They all have the same goal: to develop products that offer best possible ergonomics for cyclists of various disciplines.

Longer relaxed rides – that's what many cycle tourers dream of. Discomfort or pain can quickly ruin the fun of riding your bike.
Ergon is the category pioneer and leader in the segment of ergonomic comfort grips – proven by various testing certificates, awards and millions of satisfied customers.

All-Mountain ergonomics
  • may improve control over your bike
  • may increase safety
  • Provides direct feedback from the trail