El especialista de frenos para bicicleta


The Formula company is an expert for the production of bicycle brakes. The company has specialised in two-wheeler sports and in particular in bikes that are made for freeriding, outdoor and mountain biking.

Formula offers disc brake adapters, brake discs and additional accessories for disc brakes. If a short a reliable braking distance is what you are looking for, you can rely on the manufacturer from Italy. The constant further development of the technology and the materials is the reason why all kinds of cyclists have trust in the quality brakes from Italy.

Safe cycling with Formula disc brakes
The question why Formula brakes are so efficient and always bring cyclists to a stop at the right time, is first and foremost a question of quality. Materials of a high standard are the basis for this. Higher braking power is always synonymous with a stronger feeling of safety. The experience and the right choice of raw materials are the reason why cycling pros, mountain bike riders, BMX and downhill riders, as well as all other bikers trust in the high tech devices by Formula.