Bicis de carretera

Bicis de Carratera

Descubre nuestras bicis de carretera montadas en Bocholt


Competitive advantages built-in - light, fast, aerodynamically-optimised race bikes for training and competition at the highest level


    Made for speed in any situation
    • Ligereza

    • Aerodinámica

    • Comodidad

    • Polivalencia

    desde 2.999,00 €
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Perfect for long hours in the saddle! These endurance road bikes offer you the right level of comfort for long stretches thanks to their balanced geometry and high-end features.
  • PRO SL

    PRO SL

    The best-seller made of aluminium for your endorphin rush
    • Lightweight

    • Aerodynamics

    • Comfort

    • Versatility

    desde 1.099,00 €
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    Un diseño hecho para distancias largas
    • Lightweight

    • Aerodynamics

    • Comfort

    • Versatility

    desde 2.499,00 €
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    • Road bike
      Road bike
      Road bikes are designed for fast and gliding rides on narrow, lightly-profiled tyres. Experience speed and performance in the most elegant and simple form. ROSE road bikes are built on slim, lightweight frames that can take you up the highest mountain passes. Take hold of the lower handlebars of the downward-curved, classic road bike handlebars and fly safely down breathtaking switchbacks at top speed in a flat, aerodynamic riding position.