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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner

By means of nanotechnology, the Bike Cleaner penetrates smallest gaps. It dissolves effectively dirt, grease, oil and even dried stains on frame and a...

RRP 14,99 € desde8,95 

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Brunox Turbo Spray lubricant

Brunox spray is able to enter into the finest fissures and interspaces, such as e.g. rusted-in screw connections. Thanks to its excellent creep capabi...

RRP 9,30 € 6,45  Precio básico: 21,50 € / l

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Motorex Bike Grease 2000

The Motorex Bike Grease 2000 promises a super-tenacious lubrication. Thus, it is especially designed for the bearings of your bicycle, even though it...


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Loctite 243 threadlocker

- For all threads - Thread-locking fluid, medium strength, allows for a removal with standard tools. · Content: 10 ml Hazard and precautionary statem...

11,95  Precio básico: 119,50 € / 100ml

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Finish Line Teflon grease

High-quality grease for all bearings. Fine Teflon particles have a friction-reducing effect between metal surfaces; the Trilinium additive provides ex...

RRP 9,99 € 6,95 

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Motorex Easy Clean degreaser

The Motorex Easy Clean degreaser is a highly active, biodegradable cleaner that is especially effective on oily and greasy dirt. The degreaser penetra...

9,90  Precio básico: 19,80 € / l

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Motorex Bike Clean cleaner

The Motorex Bike Clean bicycle cleaner keeps your bike clean and is kind to the environment, too. The gel cleaner is biodegradable and perfect for ver...

desde7,50  Precio básico: 15,00 € / l

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Cyclon Carbon Stay Fixed assembly grease

Thanks to the increase of the coefficient of friction, the carbon assembly paste prevents movements in the clamping areas such as saddle, saddle post...

RRP 11,95 € 9,95  Precio básico: 6,63 € / 100ml

SHIMANO Anti Seize assembly paste

Shimano’s Anti Seize assembly paste is an efficient formula against contact corrosion for all those who want to prevent seized threads and stuck seat...

RRP 6,95 € desde3,95  Precio básico: 7,90 € / 100ml

SHIMANO Grease for bearings and hubs

The Shimano bearing and gear hub grease reliably lubricates ball and roller bearings on your bike. The permanently water-repellent effect protects fro...

RRP 8,95 € desde6,90  Precio básico: 5,52 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Motorex Bike Shine care and protection spray

The Motorex Bike Shine care and protection spray makes your bike shine like new. The 300 ml bottle contains a special spray that gives your bike a hig...

9,95  Precio básico: 33,17 € / l

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Muc-Off Carbon Gripper assembly paste

Keeps the carbon components of your bike in great condition: The assembly paste makes it unnecessary to overwind components and tighten them too fast....

RRP 17,99 € 13,95  Precio básico: 18,60 € / 100g

¡Mejor valorado!

Loxeal 55-03 threadlocker

Medium-strength thread sealant by Loxeal not only seals the thread, but also locks the nut. · Content: 10 ml or 50 ml

desde5,95  Precio básico: 59,50 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Dynamic Dyanmic Galli bearing grease

Tried and tested! This white low-friction grease based on lithium has already proven its worth for years in bicycle workshops all over the world. It o...

en vez de 3,35 € desde2,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

Cyclon MTB Grease

The MTB Grease by Cyclon is perfectly suitable to lubricate ball and hub bearings and particularly proves its strengths in rough weather. Thanks to it...

RRP 10,95 € 9,95  Precio básico: 6,63 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Muc-Off Bio Grease bearing grease

Ensures smooth-running: This bearing grease is 100% biodegradable, reduces friction and prevents corrosion and penetrating of water at all movable par...

RRP 11,99 € 9,95  Precio básico: 6,63 € / 100g

¡Mejor valorado!

Motorex White Grease

The Motorex White Grease allows you to perfectly care for heavy-duty slide bearings, cranksets and roller bearings. The white special grease is resist...


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Finish Line ceramic grease

High-performance bearing grease reinforced with micro-fine ceramic particles and Teflon fluoropolymers. Finish Line ceramic grease is extremely pressu...

RRP 9,99 € desde6,90  Precio básico: 11,50 € / 100g

Hanseline carbon assembly paste

Effective protection for sensitive carbon components – with the Hanseline carbon assembly paste, fitting carbon components becomes child’s play. Thank...

RRP 12,50 € 8,95  Precio básico: 17,90 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Finish Line carbon assembly gel

Carbon Fiber Grip increases friction between the carbon components and therefore reduces the starting torques usually required. It is thus ideal for t...

RRP 9,99 € 6,95  Precio básico: 13,90 € / 100g

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