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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Care Kit

This cleaning kit contains everything you need to take major action in terms of bike care: In a first step, you simply leave the Bike Cleaner to reac...

RRP 69,99 € 49,90 

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Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Consists of: bucket with lid (can be used as wash box), Bike Cleaner 1 l (item no. 1403310), Bike Spray 500 ml (item no. 1403329), sponge, soft washin...

RRP 49,99 € 34,95 

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Muc-Off Team Sky Dry Bag Kit cleaning kit

The Muc-Off Team Sky Dry Bag Kit cleaning kit contains the most important products for the cleaning and maintenance of your bike. As all products are...

RRP 79,99 € 49,95 

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Muc-Off Wash Protect and Lube cleaning kit

The Wash, Protect and Lube cleaning kit by Muc-Off offers everything you need for bicycle care. The kit includes cleaner, lubricant and chain oil and...

RRP 19,99 € 13,95  Precio básico: 9,62 € / l

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner & Bike Spray Value Duo Pack

Clean your bike first, then add some protection: In order to combine these two processes effectively and immediately, there is now the Value Duo Pack...

RRP 21,99 € 16,95  Precio básico: 11,30 € / l

Brooks Maintenance Kit

The Brooks Maintenance Kit helps you increase the comfort and durability of your Brooks leather saddle. Regular maintenance will keep the leather supp...

RRP 15,50 € 10,95 

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Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

All the essentials for bike care. With this Muc-Off kit, you can fight all types of dirt on your bike. The kit includes the proven Bike Cleaner, whic...

RRP 29,99 € 21,95 

Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit with filth filter

The Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit with filth filter offers all cleaning and care products you need to get your bike ready for your next tour. Apart from the...

RRP 74,99 € 57,95 

Tunap Sports E-bike cleaning and care kit cleaner, drivetrain cleaner and chain lube

Properly care for your e-bike with this cleaning and care kit by Tunap Sports. The formulas used for the care package are perfectly tailored to the hi...

RRP 40,85 € 26,95  Precio básico: 18,91 € / l

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Atlantic chain maintenance and cleaning set

A smoothly running and precisely working chain requires excellent lubrication. However, lubrication and cleaning are mutually contradictory to a certa...

RRP 14,00 € 9,45  Precio básico: 27,00 € / l

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Finish Line 1-2-3 Grunge Brush Combo 2 Starter Kit

Kit for cleaning and nourishing your bicycle’s drivetrain components. The cleaning brush with long bristles can be used for the sprocket cassette, the...

RRP 24,99 € 15,95 

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Motorex Bike Kit - care set

Motorex bike kit, consisting of: · Bucket with lid · Sponge, item no. 339315 (dimensions: approx. H 32 / W 108 / D 98 mm) · Cotton cloth, item no. 33...

RRP 34,60 € 26,90 


Cyclon Bike Care Kit cleaning kit of seven pieces in a bucket

With this kit, you will have all your cleaning accessories ready at hand in a practical bucket. Set, consisting of: 1x Cyclon Bike Cleaner 250ml (can...

RRP 24,95 € 14,95 

Tunap Sports Cleaning and care set intensive cleaner, drivetrain cleaner and chain oil

The cleaning and care kit by Tunap Sports is perfect for all service works on your bicycle, as it consists of an intensive bike cleaner, a drivetrain...

RRP 38,85 € 24,95  Precio básico: 17,51 € / l

Atlantic care and cleaning kit

With this kit you won't do things by half-measures; The Atlantic care and cleaning kit is the all-round package to clean your bike. Just four steps an...

RRP 38,00 € 28,90  Precio básico: 21,41 € / l

Ballistol Bike care kit

The practical cleaning and care kit by Ballistol contains all basic utensils you need to thoroughly clean and care for your bike. It combines the exce...

RRP 9,95 € 8,95 

Tunap Sports INTENSIVE BIKE CLEANER Set – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE -

Set consisting of 2x 1 l bottles of Tunap Sports intensive bike cleaner. Makes you forget every mud ride. With the Tunap Sports intensive cleaner, yo...

RRP 29,90 € 14,95 


F100 Cleaning and Care Kit

F100 set consisting of: 1x F100 PowerGel Bike Cleaner 5 l canister (product code: 1902848) 1x F100 1 l Power Gel spray bottle (empty, no content) 1x...

RRP 77,93 € 49,80 
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