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Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

The cleaner for the complete drivetrain! No matter whether you want to clean your chainrings or cassettes: The Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner ensures a cl...

RRP 24,99 € 18,95  Precio básico: 25,27 € / l

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Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 oil change set

Maintenance and care set for Rohloff Speedhubs, consisting of: • Cleaning oil (25 ml) • All-season oil (25 ml) • Injection • Hose, incl. fill nipples...

RRP 20,00 € 19,00  Precio básico: 38,00 € / 100ml

Rohloff Oil of Speedhub 500/14 oil set incl. oil drain plug

Maintenance and care set for Rohloff Speedhubs, consisting of: • Cleaning oil (25 ml) • All-season oil (25 ml) • Oil drain plug Note: Rohloff recomm...

RRP 14,00 € 12,90 

SHIMANO Alfine SG-S700 hub gear oil

Original Shimano rinsing and lubricating oil for Alfine SGS-700 11-speed gear hubs. A change should be carried out after the first 1000 km, after that...

en vez de 9,66 € desde8,95  Precio básico: 17,90 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Ballistol Universal Oil spray

The all-rounder for bicycles. Ballistol lubricates, penetrates, preserves, disinfects and protects against corrosion. It does not resinify, dissolves...

RRP 3,74 € desde2,95  Precio básico: 5,90 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Finish Line Dry lube

100% synthetic oil, clean and durable. Thanks to different additives, such as Teflon and Trilinium, microscopic irregularities in metal surfaces are f...

RRP 5,99 € desde3,90  Precio básico: 6,50 € / 100ml

DT Swiss grease for DT hubs

For effective servicing before tough use. The DT Swiss special grease reduces the wear of your ratchet freehub system. The multi-purpose grease is ava...

RRP 14,00 € 9,90  Precio básico: 39,60 € / 100ml

Muc-Off Carbon Gripper assembly paste

Keeps the carbon components of your bike in great condition: The assembly paste makes it unnecessary to overwind components and tighten them too fast....

RRP 17,99 € 13,95  Precio básico: 18,60 € / 100g

¡Mejor valorado!

Muc-Off De-Greaser

The special formula of the degreaser quickly and effectively dissolves oil, grease, brake dust and dirt on metal, plastic, rubber and sealings. Can be...

RRP 11,99 € desde7,95  Precio básico: 15,90 € / l

¡Mejor valorado!

Finish Line ceramic/wax lubricant

This ceramic/wax combination provides lasting lubrication and keeps the drivetrain clean. Hazard and precautionary statements: Highly flammable li...

RRP 6,99 € desde4,90  Precio básico: 8,17 € / 100ml

Hanseline talcum powder

Indispensable when changing tyres to protect the rubber – Hanseline talcum powder. The white powder made from magnesium silicate hydrate prevents tyre...

RRP 2,95 € 2,50  Precio básico: 5,00 € / 100g

MAVIC freewheel body oil

With the Mavic freewheel body oil you can reliably lubricate your Mavic freewheel (pawls and lip seal) without resinating or gumming up. suitable fo...

RRP 9,80 € 7,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

Dynamic assembly paste

The Dynamic assembly paste represents and indispensable help when mounting high-quality carbon and aluminium components on your bike. You can use it f...

RRP 1,80 € desde0,95  Precio básico: 19,00 € / 100g

Finish Line Pedal & Cleat dry film lubricant

Ensures a smooth running of clipless pedals: Simply spray the Pedal & Cleat dry film lubricant on and you will be able to click into and out of the pe...

RRP 9,99 € 5,95  Precio básico: 3,97 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Muc-Off Helmet Foam Fresh foam cleaner

Muc-Off Foam Fresh is a highly effective, easy-to-use foam cleaner which is ideal for helmet liners or any sort of material which comes in contact wit...

RRP 9,99 € 7,95  Precio básico: 19,88 € / l

Cyclon Brake Cleaner for disc brakes

The Brake Cleaner allows you to quickly remove oil and grease from metal surfaces. Thus, this fast-drying universal cleaner is perfectly suitable to c...

RRP 9,95 € 6,95  Precio básico: 13,90 € / l

Hanseline Drive belt care stick

Small stick – great care effect. The Hanseline care stick protects drive belts from premature wear and keeps them elastic. What’s more, treating the d...

6,95  Precio básico: 17,38 € / 100g

Hanseline pole grease acid protection grease

With the Hanseline pole grease, your bike won’t suddenly lack power. It maintains the conductibility of the battery poles and protects them durably. T...

RRP 2,95 € 2,25  Precio básico: 4,50 € / 100ml

Rock Shox RockShox hydraulic oil for Reverb seat post 2,5WT 120 ml

Special, synthetic hydraulic oil for RockShox Reverb seat posts and hydraulic XX remove levers (e.g. for RockShox Monarch XX etc.). Compatibility: •...

RRP 5,00 € 3,95  Precio básico: 3,29 € / 100ml

¡Mejor valorado!

Dynamic silicone spray

The Dynamic silicone spray has very good penetrating qualities which makes it perfectly suitable for the preservation of different bike parts. Thanks...

RRP 7,90 € 5,95  Precio básico: 14,88 € / l

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