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Insoles for Bike Shoes

Comfortable Footbeds for Best Support

Those who travel longer distances by bike or who have cycling shoes with an ultra-stiff sole know what it's like when the feet start hurting. Choose comfortable cycling insoles to combat foot fatigue.

Insoles for bike shoes are characterized by shock-absorbing materials. Cycling puts a tremendous amount of force on a small area of your foot, especially on longer rides. Specific cycling insoles absorb shocks and reduce pressure. Shock absorbing pads absorb vibrations from bumpy roads or rough trails to improve comfort on longer rides.

Moreover, cycling insoles prove advantageous thanks to their anatomical shape. Thus, they provide great ergonomics and support where you need it. Above all, the footbeds are designed to support the foot arch and thus prevent improper foot positioning.

When buying a new pair of insoles for your cycling shoes, you should make sure that the upper materials are breathable and the footbed is comfortable.

We stock a wide range of insoles for road shoes, MTB shoes and touring shoes.