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Accessories and Spares for Cycling Shoes

Laces, studs, cleat covers, replacement dials, ratchet buckles and more

As they are used quite often, bike shoes require great care. It is thus recommended to regularly replace much used fastening buckles and heel lugs to keep your cycling shoes working in optimal performance for longer. We stock replacement parts for your bike shoes!

Replacement parts for fastening systems

When used regularly, fastening systems of bike shoes might lose performance or break some day. Therefore, numerous manufacturers offer appropriate spares to allow you to easily repair or replace closure components yourself at home. We offer a wide range of spares for laces, ratchet buckles and dials for bike shoes by brands like ROSE, SIDI, NORTHWAVE, MAVIC and SHIMANO.

Replacement parts for the sole

After many kilometres of riding and walking, sole elements might wear down and need to be repaired or replaced. We stock heel treads, sole covers and cleat hardware. Moreover, we offer replacement studs that allow you to upgrade your shoes for additional grip on muddy ground.

If you are not sure which replacements or upgrades you need for your bike shoes, please contact our experts. They'll be happy to help!