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Urban Lifestyle Backpacks – Bike Backpacks for City Cycling, Commuting and Everyday Life

A bike basket is not necessarily the best place to store your shopping, wallet, spare clothes, folders and more. A more organised and safer way to carry your equipment is to use one of our urban bike backpacks. They offer maximum flexibility to transport your gear and protect the contents from the elements. Read below what you should pay attention to when purchasing a bike pack. Many urban bicycle backpacks are made from waterproof or water-resistant material. This prevents rain or wheel spray from penetrating the inside. Thus, your belongings will stay dry and clean. A roll-top closure and waterproof zippers additionally increase water resistance. Please see the respective product details of the backpack you are interested in for more information on the waterproof rating. Some of our urban bike backpacks are hybrids – a pannier bag and backpack in one! Integrated shoulder straps make sure the bags can also be worn as a backpack. Moreover, they come with pannier hooks hidden behind a cover to ensure high comfort when used as a backpack. This technology allows you to attach your bike backpack to the pannier rack before your ride and take it off with a single movement of your hand to go grocery shopping. A clever solution! The best of both worlds! We stock a wide range of city packs and hybrid backpacks for attachment to the rear rack in all common colours, sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like ORTLIEB, CHROME, VAUDE, BROOKS and BASIL.