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Urban Lifestyle Cross-Over Bags – Messenger Bags for City Cycling, Commuting and Everyday Life

Messenger Bags are becoming increasingly popular. What used to be a courier bag for bicycle messengers is increasingly used for the way to the office, supermarket or cinema. Depending on the size of the bag, it offers enough space for essentials or even for a laptop or folder. As you can wear it over the shoulder or across the chest, the bag is easy to take off and guarantees fast access to the contents. The advantage in comparison to a backpack: The weight of the bag is evenly distributed over the lower back for optimal load distribution and increased comfort. Check out the stylish bicycle messenger bags now!

We also offer shoulder bags that easily attach to the handlebar or pannier rack while riding. They feature a comfortable shoulder strap as well as a covered hook-on system for attachment to the bike. This allows you to comfortably transport your bicycle shoulder bag on the bike – Enjoy the best of both worlds!

We stock a wide range of high-quality shoulder bags for attachment to the handlebar or pannier rack, as well as messenger bags and cross-over bags in all common sizes, colours and price ranges and by renowned brands like BASIL, BROOKS, CHROME, ORTLIEB and VAUDE.