Perfect performance for MTBs and road bikes


T.A. cycling – Constantly improve your bike’s performance
Specialites T.A. produces high-quality chainrings for almost all bolt circles for cranksets of mountain and road bikes. The French company T.A. was founded in 1947 and today, they offer a huge range of bike components and chainrings. T.A. continuously further developed the products for their customers so that they impress with high-performance products.

T.A. products for road bikes – Developed by pros for pros
TA chainrings are of high quality and suitable for both mountain biking and cycle racing. As T.A. equips pro teams and TA chainrings can also be found in top-class cycling sports, there is a huge selection of chainring sizes available for almost every road bike crank. Each individual production step is carried out in Sissonne, France.

T.A. – The expert for mountain bike performance   
The size of a chainring is selected according to the mountain bike’s intended use. As a mountain bike expert, T.A. knows the different terrains MTB riders are riding in. This type of cycling requires a good gear ratio.