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Bicycle parts for demanding conditions

Spank is the specialist in extreme applications in the field of competition cycling. The company offers everything from stems through to handlebars for competitive cyclists with special requirements in terms of bicycle components. Spank was founded by the South African designer Gavin Michael and the German entrepreneur Sven Mack. Their goal for the brand was, and is, to produce high-end products in the field of downhill and freeride cycling which are highly functional and are offered at a fair price. Moreover, Spank’s products in the field of competition cycling win the confidence of their enthusiasts as a result of their completely unique style and a design that utilises modern and bright colours. For many years now, Spank has produced individual parts and bike elements which are in daily use in trail and downhill cycling.

Products from Spank in the field of competitive cycling – Bicycle parts made from hard wearing materials   
The range offered by Spank, the component manufacturer, includes a selection of bicycle parts for mountain bikers who require special quality as professional cyclists: Saddles, stems, grips, chains, handlebars, sets of pedals, wheel sets and more for cycling on extreme terrain and under demanding conditions. The quality of the products in the field of competition cycling is matched to the extreme applications and convincingly wins the approval of MTB professionals worldwide in both tours and competitions.