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Environmentally friendly tyre sealant and tyre care products

SLIME seals tyres and inner tubes
Since 1989, slime has been a pioneer in tyre repair and in developing tyre sealants. slime products have become firmly established in the worldwide car, motorcycle and bicycle industry. Apart from tyre sealants, the cycling range also includes self-adhesive patches, tyre inserts, diverse bicycle pumps and much more. 

Safe for cyclists and the environment
slime has committed itself to an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. This is also achieved by regular factory controls. The commitment of “being green” includes more than just the brand’s green colour. Therefore, the aim of the American manufacturer is to develop products that are safe for the customers, their tyres and the environment. Beside the popular and widespread tyre sealants, a number of tyre care products have established in the market, too. Ranging from patches through to tube protectors, slime offers ambitious cyclists everything they need for a safe and puncture-free tour.