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The Portuguese company Rodi has specialised in producing high-quality bike rims and wheels. Since 1976, Rodi continuously works on further improving the quality and functionality of its wheels and rims. Especially in the 80s the company developed wheels and rims made from aluminium, which have been highly popular ever since.

For every bike the right rim
The Rodi product diversity is very large, Rodi e.g. offers rims made from particularly lightweight aluminium, which are produced with the established hollow chamber technology. Moreover, Rodi has got diverse rims for freestyle use in its product range, of which some are true eye-catchers because of their straightforward design. For cycle racing, too, Rodi offers its customers special rims, which will provide the necessary momentum and particularly high speeds. Thanks to their great stability, Rodi rims promise lasting riding fun and stand out for their durability and low wear and tear.