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Cycling accessories with a love for detail

Ritchey cycling – the discovery of the mountain bike in the Californian mountains
Since the founding of the company in 1974 by Tom Ritchey, the manufacturer ‘Ritchey’ has continuously developed and steadily expanded its range of bicycle accessories. The history of Ritchey started with simple bicycles in California in the early 70s, when mountain bikes were not part of the picture. Back then, the company founder Tom Ritchey and his friends went down mountains on old bikes down the hills and used parts from the motocross scene or home-made accessories. However, the demand for these spare cycle parts increased, so that, with Ritchey, Tom Ritchey decided to start his own company for mountain bike accessories.

With cycle accessories from Ritchey – well equipped for every tour
In particular, the range that Ritchey offers includes stable and lightweight bicycle components e.g. handlebars, including MTB handlebars, trekking handlebars, road bike handlebars, headsets, stems, saddles, seat posts, grips and many other high-quality, high-performance bicycle components. Ritchey achieves the high quality of components for road bikes and mountain bikes through a combination of different factors. First and foremost, there are the technical advantages that are augmented with great attention to detail in the product design phase. But Ritchey is not yet satisfied: the first phases are combined with rigorous fatigue testing and the cycling accessories are perfected. .

Ritchey: The consistent further development of existing technology  
Because of our well-trained staff, consistent quality assurance and intensive research, products are created that can be marketed worldwide. The company attaches great importance to further development and is continually working to improve existing technology. Everything that Ritchey offers is rounded off with good service.