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POWERBAR: Products for bike fans

The PowerBar sports nutrition manufacturer provides a wide range of sports nutrition products for cyclists. 
Whether you want to climb a steep mountain on your mountain bike or a long mountain pass on your road bike, a cyclist’s body needs power, energy and nerves for it. The PowerBar sports nutrition producer offers a range of products that is specially made for cyclists. This includes bars, drinks, drink powders, fruit gums with liquid filling and drink gels. Drink powders are offered for athletes who prefer consuming liquid sports nutrition. For athletes who would like to use bars in addition, PowerBar offers the right products, too.

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PowerBar Recovery Max / 2.0 Drink powder

Intensive training sessions or competitions can weaken your immune system and cause muscle fatigue. The carbohydrates contained in the Recovery Drink...

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en vez de 31,95 € 25,52  Precio básico: 22,31 € / kg

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PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal bar

A natural bar for on the go – the Natural Energy Cereal sports bar by Power Bar not only supplies your body with carbohydrates, but also offers an exc...

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en vez de 1,49 € desde1,22  Precio básico: 3,05 € / 100g

PowerBar Protein Plus protein powder 100% whey isolate

After an intensive endurance and strength training session, your muscles are tired and need protein for muscle growth and maintenance. The PowerBar Pr...

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RRP 29,95 € 22,19  Precio básico: 38,93 € / kg