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Over 100 years of experience contribute to the products of the Chinese tyre manufacturer based in Milan. This is how high-end tyres are made especially for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. As one of the leading international companies in the field of premium and prestige tyres, Pirelli offers a particularly large portfolio of Pirelli bicycle tyres for a wide variety of weather and ground conditions. With their bicycle tyres, the company always aims to ensure ideal handling, long-lasting quality and environmental compatibility.

The experience of over a century in the world of racing is finally also available for ambitious road cyclists. With Pirelli P Zero Velo, road cycling performance meets the reliability, agility and grip of Pirelli. After all, the capability of a tyre also defines the capability of the rider.

For a long time already, Pirelli sets standards in the world of motorsports. P Zero Velo brings the typical Italian passion for design and engineering to cycling. Experience the disruptive technologies!