Safe & effective: Waterproofing agents by Nikwax


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In 1977, the success story of the company Nikwax began: Back then, Nick Brown, a hiking enthusiast who loves to travel, produced his own waterproofing wax to keep his leather boots dry. Since then, Nikwax has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality cleaning and waterproofing products and now sells its products in 50 different countries.

Whatever the weather – Nikwax keeps you dry and warm
Nikwax® develops and produces highly effective cleaning and waterproofing products that help to improve the life and performance of clothes, shoes and equipment. Whether at work or during leisure time: Nikwax makes sure that you stay dry and warm in wet weather.

Easy to use
For Nikwax, the focus clearly is on a simple application. Just use it in a washing machine on a normal or hand wash cycle – and that’s it! To “activate” water repellency, the garments to not have to be tumbled dry. The products directly act where they are needed, which not only permits a fast waterproofing, but also helps you to save money.

Safe for the environment
No propellants, non-toxic, no fluorocarbons – this is what Nikwax is also known for. The company attaches high importance to using latest elastomer technologies for their products. Moreover, the products are non-persistent and not tested on animals. For this environmental thinking, Nikwax® has already received numerous awards, such as the famous British Queen’s Award (4 x), the Sunday Times Best Green Award (3 x), as well as the Green Apple Award (2 x). In 2014, Nikwax was given the Queen’s Award for sustainable development – as the first and so far only outdoor company. Besides, Nikwax is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.
So when using Nikwax, you not only renew the properties of your clothes, equipment and shoes, but also help to reduce the waste of mineral resources and energy sources.