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A cycle helmet protects every type of rider in case of an impact and today, one couldn’t even imagine cycle racing without cycle helmets. The way a cycle helmet is developed and manufactured significantly contributes to its safety. The company MET always aims at giving any product a purpose and at thinking further.

MET cycling – good and safe cycling helmets
The heart of the company MET beats in the Italian Alps. In the small and beautiful town of Talamona, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cycling helmets produces cycling products that embody the safety aspect. With pioneering innovations, the company MET has become a reliable partner for cyclists of all disciplines over the years. However, the company MET also focuses on another aspect as far as the production of cycle helmets is concerned: with care, reliability, efficiency and a sustainable development, the company assumes responsibility for our environment.

MET cycle racing – environmentally friendly cycle helmets
What would cycle racing be in future without an inviting environment? An environment where cyclists can enjoy the beauty and entirety of a landscape? The helmet manufacturer MET commits itself to keeping the negative influence of the production of cycle helmets on nature as low as possible. In this way, MET offers different cycle helmet models that combine competitive prices, goods and services without neglecting the cyclists’ satisfaction.