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Sustainable e-bike accessories from Berlin

Everything started with kneebands made from recycled truck tarpaulins. These were sewn in a shared flat in Berlin, to be then sold on Christmas markets. Thanks to the high popularity among customers, Joachim Leffler decided to increase the production, create a website and win retailers for the FAHRER Berlin GmbH bands. In the past years, more and more products were added to the product range and FAHRER established itself as a constant in the bike sector.
Sustainability from Berlin
FAHRER Berlin first and foremost focuses on sustainability during production, by efficiently recycling high-quality and durable materials. The production is carried out in cooperation with workshops for disabled persons. Design and manual production take place in Berlin. In this way, unique products are created for unique people.  

Practical products for your e-bike  
Since 2013, e-bike accessories belong to the product range of the brand. From battery covers for frame or luggage carrier batteries to the E-Bag or handlebar cover, you will find handy accessories for your e-bike here. Electronic contacts are particularly sensitive – FAHRER offers solutions to protect them. A product range, which is suitable for everyday use of your e-bike!

FAHRER Berlin E-Bike Accessories

FAHRER Berlin has developed solutions to protect the electronic components of electric bicycles since 2012. Today, e-bikes are quite a common sight, just like the well-designed products of the brand.

FAHRER Berlin Urban Cycling Accessoires

The urban cycling products by FAHRER Berlin are functional and good-looking accessories for your bike. The brand primarily focuses on the design and high functionality of the products.