Componentes de bicicleta avanzados y cómodos desde 2009


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The company ergotec was founded in the town Wickede in North-Rhine Westphalia in 1918. Since 1998, the growing company has been managed by Willi Humpert in the fourth generation. Since the beginning, the company has focused on the development and production of bicycle add-on parts such as handlebars, stems and grips. Over the course of many years, the developer have become an important partner of the bicycle industry. Humpert especially became popular as a supplier of bicycle parts.

ergotec bicycle parts offer more comfort
ergotec offers functional bike parts such as pedals, grips and handlebars, stems or seat posts for the saddle. ergotec products stand out for their outstanding ergonomics and a special comfort. ergotec grips, for instance, feature an anti-slip, rubberised and structured surface that offers a firm hold on the handlebar. The right grip can be a decisive aspect for your riding comfort. However the quality, height and shape of the handlebar also play an important role. ergotec handlebar systems are designed to offer a good riding position. To get your riding position right, ergotec offers different products: handlebars for ATB and MTB use, trekking handlebars as well as multifunctional bars, aero bars, computer and light brackets and replacement pads.

Ergonomic bicycle bars for comfortable riding
Getting your riding position right – this is what ergotec aims at. To achieve this, many individual factors need to be right: Apart from your position, it’s your riding style, the saddle position, handlebar position and handlebar that have to be taken into consideration. The extensive ergotec range is complemented by different stem models and handlebar clamps with different clamping heights. The angle, weight and material of ergotec products are designed for comfortable cycling. This manufacturer offers the right combination of scientific results, product quality and cycling comfort.