For the cleaning and care of your bike

Accesorios de ciclismo

Many cyclists underestimate the importance of proper bicycle care. The Dutch company Cyclon Bike Care offers amateur and pro cyclists a huge range of products suitable for all situations in a bike’s life and thus ensures a long and happy life with your bicycle. Regular cleaning and care of your sport device is as important as long-term protection.
Cyclon has adapted its products to the different requirements of road and mountain bike maintenance and thus offers the right care products for every area of use. The combination of bicycle cleaner, degreaser, chain care product, brake fluid, assembly paste, silicon oil, polish and protective spray does not only ensure a reliable and smooth running of your bike, but also lets you enjoy cycling even more. The Cyclon Bionet bicycle cleaner is biodegradable and easy to use. It reliably removes oils, greases, cleaning products and wax, while not harming the surface – no matter if its plastic, rubber, paint or carbon. The chain care lubricants stand out for their high creeping, lubricating and adhesive effect that makes them a reliable choice for wet weather conditions, too. In this way, the chain is not only protected from corrosion, but also runs significantly smoother.

Cyclon Bike Care offers you all care products you need for a professional and demanding maintenance. Cyclon even won’t let you down when you have a flat tyre: The Repair Gel puncture spray allows you to reseal the tube in no time.

Moreover, Cyclon Bike Care has a special care series for e-bikes to offer. To make it easier for you to care for your bike, Cyclon also offers complete kits with which you can do the most common maintenance works on your e-bike.