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1988, West Berlin — The company Carbotec is founded and sells disc wheel models for cycle racing. The rest is history. For 25 years, the brand that was renamed citec has developed and produced wheels for pro and amateur cyclists, hobby cyclists, touring cyclists and mountain bikers.

citec – Modern wheel technology
Wheels have a great influence on the characteristics of a bike. Size, spokes, equipment… there are many factors that are important for a perfect ride. citec has developed different systems so that you can get the most out of your bike. The Power Block System with a special connection between hub and spokes represents the distinctive feature of citec spoke system wheels. The Concave rim concept provides a lightweight rim profile with high fatigue strength. The Equal Tension lacing system offers twice as many spokes on the highly-stressed drive side for symmetric spoke tension.
citec – Quality and Durability
citec hasn’t stopped to continuously further develop until today and won’t do so in future either. Technologies are developed, tested and revised at the pulse of time. Convinced of the quality of their products, the company offers a 5-year guarantee on spoke breakage. A statement for high quality.