Luces y ciclocomputadoras: El buen equipo para tus actividades al aire libre

Componentes para bicicleta

Cateye has already been developing high-quality products in the field of bicycle electronics for a long time now and is known for safety and reliability. The company that is located in Osaka was one of the first companies of the industry to develop a flashing light for bicycles in 1964. Another milestone was a battery headlight that was launched in 1982, a bicycle light with a white LED.

With that, the Japanese company broke new grounds, because good lights offer cyclists passive as well as active safety – not only in poor visibility!

Until today, the product range has continuously been further expanded and improved, new technologies were implemented so that there is now a right front and rear light for every intended use and for every user. Powerful LED lights in compact but robust housings with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries turn night into day. Depending on the model, you can charge the batteries via USB or equip the light with additional batteries. Moreover, the batteries can also be replaced while riding so that you’ll also always have a good view on long tours. Even though the focus is still on bicycle lighting systems, Cateye has become a talking point with clever bike computers in recent years, too. The company developed bike computers that communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth and thus e.g. show you incoming calls without having to take the phone into your hands.

The brackets of Cateye lights or bike computers are extremely functional, too. The can be mounted without tools and securely position the little gadgets on handlebar or seat tube.