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In 1975, Ermanno Alberti rode around the Italian town of Brianza north of Milan on his road bike. On the bumpy roads, he felt how painful shocks can be when they reach the wrists without being absorbed at all. Back home, he set to work. He wanted to develop a thicker handlebar tape for shock absorption. However, with thicker tape, the overlapping zones would be too thick – and this is how the idea of the Bike Ribbon handlebar tape was born. A tape that is thick in the centre, yet thinner on the edges.

Family tradition for high-end bike equipment
Since the end of the 70s, the Alberti family has produced high-end bike equipment. It is not only the experience, but also the passion for road racing and for everything to do with bikes that influences the development of new products. Technology and aesthetics are the most important aspects of product design. The result are innovative accessories with a great design, functionality and family tradition.

The highlight for every handlebar
The product range of Bike Ribbon includes bike grips and handlebar tape that is especially adapted to the anatomic needs. Shock-absorbing bar tape, ergonomic MTB grips – here, every athlete will find the right high-end equipment for a comfortable ride, no matter if you ride a mountain bike or a road bike.