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Sistemas de luces importantes para el ciclismo


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The company name b+m stands for the names of the company founders Busch & Müller, who started the production of reflectors in 1925. Since then, the company has developed into a renowned manufacturer of bicycle lighting systems. b+m offers a wide range of lighting systems for the bicycle sector, because especially nowadays, cycling in different weathers and at different times of the day requires bicycle lights with a high level of safety. That’s why powerful and well thought-out bicycle lights are essential for cycling, as they make sure you enjoy cycling at any time. 

b+m cycling – powerful lighting components, mirrors and cockpit holders
Knowing that safety is an important aspect in cycling, the company b+m has continuously developed new lighting components that ensure great visibility. The product range of the company b+m for the bicycle sector includes lighting components like battery-powered or dynamo-operated rear lights, reflectors, LED front lights, front lights with USB connection, dynamos and much more. Moreover, helmet lights, handlebar holders or rear-view mirrors are part of the continuously growing product range of b+m. From the idea all the way to the finished product, Busch & Müller attaches high importance to a high-quality production technology. Whether it’s the special IQ reflector technology for LED front lights, the near-field illumination or a brake light function for rear lights – b+m products are constantly further developed and adapted to the needs and wishes of the customers.