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Brooks Proofide Single leather dressing

The original leather dressing by Brooks in a metal tin. You should regularly treat your Brooks core leather saddle with Proofide to keep it supple. T...

RRP 10,90 € desde7,95  Precio básico: 31,80 € / 100g

FAHRER Kappe saddle cover

Everyone knows the dreadful feeling of having to sit on a wet saddle, particularly when it is made from leather. With the water-repellent FAHRER Kappe...

RRP 9,90 € desde7,95 

Brooks Maintenance Kit

The Brooks Maintenance Kit helps you increase the comfort and durability of your Brooks leather saddle. Regular maintenance will keep the leather supp...

RRP 15,50 € 10,95 

Brooks Single Rich Rain Cover

The Brooks Single Rich Rain Cover protects your bike saddle from water. The rain cover made of nylin is available in two sizes und thus fits various s...

Color: schwarz

RRP 12,00 € desde7,95 

Pitlock Pit-Stopper bolt head plugs

The Pitlock Pit-Stopper bolt head plugs are designed for the protection of high-quality bicycle components. We all know what it's like to have our st...

RRP 10,50 € 7,95 

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Selle Royal Second Skin water-repellent saddle cover

As the name already suggests, the Selle Royal Second Skin saddle cover perfectly fits your bike saddle. The silicone cover is extremely robust and so...

RRP 9,90 € 6,95 

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Terry Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag Touring by Terry attaches to the QuickClick Fix system that is integrated in many saddles with a flick of the wrist. The saddle bag is...

Color: schwarz

RRP 19,95 € desde14,95 

Selle Royal Gel saddle cover

Whether it is used on a turbo trainer or on a conventional bicycle, the Selle Royal Gel saddle cover always offers the comfort you need. A Royalgel pa...

Color: schwarz

RRP 16,95 € 9,95 


Cute bird and nature prints turn the WANDERUST SADDLE COVER by BASIL into your absolute favourite item. Take along a piece of nature - wherever you ar...

RRP 10,95 € 8,95 

SQlab neoprene saddle cover

The neoprene saddle cover by SQlab with a logo print offers protection from negative external influences. The neoprene cover is available for differen...

Color: schwarz

RRP 9,95 € 8,95 

FAHRER Kappe XL saddle cover

The reliable protection for wider saddle versions. Everyone knows the dreadful feeling of having to sit on a wet saddle, particularly when it is made...

Color: schwarz

RRP 14,90 € 12,95 

ROSE Cycle Your Way Pro saddle cover

Clever protection for on the go. The ROSE Cycle Your Way Pro saddle cover reliably protects your bike saddle from moisture wherever you are. Thanks to...

Color: schwarz

en vez de 6,95 € desde4,95 


The GO SADDLE COVER by BASIL is a simple and elegant cover for your saddle. A classic protection from wind and weather. Details: • Saddle cover made...

Color: grey melee

grey melee
solid black
RRP 7,95 € 5,95 

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The DOTS SADDLE COVER by BASIL brings colour into your life. This water-repellent saddle cover can be easily and securely attached and reliably keeps...

RRP 9,95 € 7,50 


Matching the MAGNOLIA collection by BASIL, there is the SADDLE COVER with trendy magnolia design. A real eye-catcher in grey everyday life! Details:...

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keine Marke Seatpost bolt

Reliably clamps your seat post at the required height. · CroMo steel · M8 x 32 mm · total length: approx. 32 mm · minimum clamp width: approx. 24 mm

Color: silber


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The NOIR SADDLE COVER by BASIL offers your bicycle saddle excellent protection from rain and wear. Thanks to a classic design, you will never tire of...

Color: midnight black

midnight black
RRP 11,95 € 8,95 

Brooks Spanner

Brooks' spanner for all Brooks saddles with a respective tension bolt on the saddle nose. The leather of the saddle stretches over time, which is why...

RRP 7,60 € 4,95 


With the BOHEME SADDLE COVER by BASIL you can decorate your bike stylishly. Fresh designs and trendy colours add that certain something to your life....

RRP 11,95 € 7,95 

Brooks Rivet and bolt for Cambium saddles

Brooks rivet and bolt are beautiful replacement parts for the Cambium saddles C15, C17, C17S. Details: • Spare rivet and bolt suitable for Brooks Cam...

RRP 3,50 € 2,95