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Ruedas para bicicleta carretera, MTB, trekking y más

Wheels for MTBs, city bikes, touring bikes and road bikes

MTB wheels, hybrid wheels and road wheels – wheels for every intended use

This is where you are guaranteed to find the right wheel or wheelset for your bike – whether you own a mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike. These are so-called system wheels, which means wheelsets from a manufacturer or ready to ride wheels that were assembled and built by us.  

A huge variety of wheels has emerged on the market in the past years. With regard to road bikes for example, aerodynamic wheels with deep rims – often made from carbon – and ultra-lightweight wheels for mountain rides compete for customers. Yet also robust all-round wheels for all occasions have become lighter and more and more stable recently. Moreover, more and more models are also available as disc version for disc brakes. 

For mountain bikes, the choice is also enormous. Not only different price and weight classes are offered, yet also 26, 27.5 and 29 inch models. These often come as a disc version and a version for rim brakes each. 

Whatever you are looking for your bike – we have got the right wheel for every budget.

Besides wheelsets, you will also find matching accessories such as freewheels, thru axles, quick releases or replacement spokes