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Cross Country

Nuestras bicicletas de cross-country son de alta tecnología para el touring, el entrenamiento y la competición. Si tu apodo es la eficiencia y si flipas por la velocidad, ¡estas bicicletas son perfectas para ti!

MTB Cross Country – which bike is right for you?

Count Solo

from 499,00 €

from 12.9 kg

The best-selling hardtail for off-road and everyday use


Suspension fork (100 mm travel)
Rock Shox

11 gears (1x11) / 12 gears (1x12)
Shimano / SRAM

Aluminium 29"
Shimano / Sunringlé

Thrill Hill

from 2.299,00 €

from 11.8 kg

Full-suspension carbon race bike for challenging routes


Suspension fork (100-120 mm travel)
Rock Shox

Rear air shock (100 mm travel)
Rock Shox

12 gears (1x12)
Shimano / SRAM

Aluminium 29"
Sunringlé / DT Swiss / Newmen


from 2.699,00 €

from 8.9 kg

Highend carbon race hardtail

High Modulus Carbon

Suspension fork (120 mm travel)
Rock Shox / Fox

12 gears (1x12)
Shimano / SRAM

Aluminium / Carbon 29"


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  • Cross Country MTBs | Your dream bike only at ROSE Bikes


      What is Cross Country MTB?

      Cross country, or XC for short, is the mother of all MTB sports and above all a racing discipline. The favourite routes are challenging both uphill and downhill – from steep climbs on the forest path or technical climbs on the single trail to fast downhill passages or challenging tracks where you can test your skills.

      XC professional sport

      In the professional segment, a circuit is usually ridden within a specified time limit, on which the athletes have to demonstrate their skills both uphill and downhill. The physical and mental demands on the professional cyclists are high because it’s not just about endurance, but above all about riding technique and speed. The equipment is just as important as the rider's ability, which is why cross-country mountain bikes are adapted to the special requirements of the routes and designed for particularly high power transmission and efficiency with low weight.

      Is cross country my MTB discipline?

      In the hobby sector, cross country is much more versatile, because here it's not just about performance in a race, but above all about having fun and a good time on your bike! Nevertheless, XC does not lose its characteristics here – smashing through the forest on light and efficient bikes is simply great fun!
      However, thanks to their balanced geometry and powerful components, the modern ROSE cross country bikes have even more to offer, as they are by no means limited to forest tracks! On the contrary, with a ROSE XC bike you’ll feel at home even on rooty trails or challenging marathon routes. Do you want a versatile and lightweight bike that you can ride fast in the forest, whether on forest tracks or single trails, races or just a leisurely tour? A bike that allows you to push yourself to your physical limits? Then a ROSE cross country bike is just the thing for you!

      Features of the CC bike

      All our cross country bikes share some common features, which we would like to explain here to make it easier for you to decide on an MTB category.


      On the cross country bike, you sit in a sporty, stretched position and the geometry ensures that you can manoeuvre through narrow single trails with agility. As a result, the top tube tends to be slightly longer than on other bikes and the head angle is rather steep. One of the most outstanding features of the typical XC frame is its low weight. In this category you will find frames made of aluminium or carbon, whereby the general rule is: the lighter the better. However, the two materials also have other properties that influence the riding behaviour of the bikes.

      • stability
      • torsional rigidity in the right places
      • low weight
      • clean look

      • particularly impact-resistant
      • balanced ratio of stiffness and weight
      • particularly good value for money

      Wheels, tyres and tyre size:

      27.5” or 29”? This question is asked by everyone, from mountain bike beginners to ambitious amateur racers. In the cross country sector, 29" wheels are often used due to their characteristics.

      29" offers you:
      • excellent roll-over properties
      • particularly smooth running at high speeds and on rough surfaces
      • manoeuvrability thanks to adapted geometry

      Depending on the bike and the intended use, however, the smaller 27.5" wheel size is recommended for the smaller frame sizes, as these tend to be easier to control with a smaller body size.


      As the wheels are a particularly heavy rotating mass, great attention is paid to the lightweight construction of the rims. In this case, too, carbon offers a number of advantages such as a low weight and particular rigidity. However, modern high-quality aluminium rims are definitely competitive, as they also offer excellent value for money.
      Conclusion: If you want a high-end race bike, carbon is the material for you. If you just want to enjoy freedom on your bike and are not chasing best times, you will also rock the trails with aluminium.

      Tyre casing

      In addition to rolling resistance, grip and puncture protection, weight is also a major factor. The trick is to find the right compromise between weight, traction and resistance for your intended use. However, there is a general trend: Rather light tyres with good tread and rubber compounds that are not too soft win the race in cross country. For this reason, particular attention is paid to the integrated puncture protection, as lighter tyres are naturally more vulnerable due to the lower material thickness.


      Depending on whether you are riding a hardtail or a fully, the suspension of your mountain bike consists of the suspension fork, which cushions the front wheel, and the rear shock, which cushions the rear wheel.
      Your MTB suspension should always be adapted to the terrain on which you want to ride your bike. As you are more likely to be riding on forest paths or easy trails on a typical XC tour and pedalling a lot, efficiency is also the keyword here and the suspension travel is limited to a maximum of 120 mm. However, it is not only the length of the suspension travel that is decisive for the intended use, but above all its tuning.
      If the suspension is too soft, a lot of energy may be lost in its bouncing. To prevent this from happening, the suspension elements on XC bikes tend to be firmer and are often equipped with a lockout function that allows you to lock your suspension if necessary.


      Whether you're racing, riding in your free time or on the way to work, one of the most important safety factors on a bike are the brakes. That's why the ROSE XC bikes are all equipped with high-quality disc brakes that provide you with plenty of braking power and safety in every situation. With disc brakes, you can generally differentiate between the size of the rotors, i.e. the brake discs, and the number of pistons in the brake calliper.

      Common in the cross country sector:
      • Rotor size 160 mm to 180 mm
      • Brake callipers with two brake pistons

      This combination offers sufficient braking power with the lightweight bikes as well as in its intended use and does not increase the weight unnecessarily.


      The most common drive system for mountain bikes is the singlespeed derailleur. You shift all gears on the cassette on the rear wheel and only need one chainring on the crank.

      Advantages of the singlespeed drivetrain:
      • Lower weight due to fewer components
      • Simple, intuitive operation – one lever for all gears
      • Less error-prone and maintenance-intensive
      • High gear range of up to 520% – covers both very light and very heavy gears

      You only need to differentiate between 1x11 and 1x12 – in other words, you either have 11 or 12 gears on your mountain bike.

      1x11 vs. 1x12:
      Both systems provide you with a fully sufficient range of gears for cross-country use. The biggest difference is the gradation of the gears, i.e. the jumps between the gears are slightly larger with the 11-speed drivetrain.
      Within the different drive variants, however, there are gradations in terms of material and price. If you want to learn more about the different drivetrains, take a look at our groupset guide.

      Seat post

      The two most common types of seat posts for mountain bikes are the rigid seat post and the lowerable seat post (also known as the dropper post)

      Advantages of the dropper post:
      • Can be lowered without dismounting or stopping using a lever on the handlebar
      • Creates freedom of movement and safety on steeper terrain
      • Intuitive operation

      Advantages of the rigid seat post:
      • Lower weight compared to the dropper post
      • No maintenance required
      • Durable

      The ROSE Cross Country bikes

      If you have decided for cross country, you should pay attention to a few things when buying a bike. This is because different areas of use in MTB sport place very different demands on the bikes. ROSE offers you the right bike for every purpose – from beginner bikes to professional racing machines. To make your decision easier, we present the ROSE XC bikes in the following:

      COUNT SOLO – The best-selling hardtail for off-road and on asphalt

      • Uncomplicated and versatile.
      • Robust
      • Suitable for everyday use

      With our MTB entry-level model, you are ready for any adventure. A short ride through the forest after work, a tour with the family or something a little more sporty at a cross-country race? The COUNT SOLO makes all this possible!
      Its powerful price-performance equipment gives you a successful start into the world of mountain biking and opens up a whole new approach to nature. Nevertheless, it remains a bike suitable for everyday use, on which you can also have fun on your way to work or school.

      Shop the COUNT SOLO

      THRILL HILL – A full-suspension carbon race bike for challenging routes

      • Race-ready
      • Downcountry
      • Powerful and potent

      Ready for competition – With the THRILL HILL, you're ready to take off, whether you're training, racing or touring in your free time. With its 100 mm rear suspension travel, the potent Race Fully offers you that extra bit of traction when the going gets tough. Nevertheless, it remains a light and sprint-strong bike, as its suspension elements can be locked so that you can really step on it. The versatile bike with its 29er tyres offers you top control and first-class rollover characteristics, even when the going gets rough. The THRILL HILL is optionally available with a lowerable seat post, which gives you even more freedom for daring manoeuvres and safety on steep terrain.

      Shop the THRILL HILL