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High-Quality Cycling Clothing for Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Touring and Commuting – Ranging from High-Tech Cycling Jackets Through to Cycling Shoes

No matter if you have a mountain bike, a road bike, a hybrid or an urban bike – high-quality cycling clothes are a must-have. We offer you not only a wide range of good quality cycle clothing but also lots of buying guides. In each category, you’ll find tips and advice to make sure you’ll purchase the right product. Example: In the category ‘Cycling Shorts and Trousers’ you’ll find all the information you need: what size you should buy, what you should pay attention to, whether you need shorts or long tights, which trousers are best for winter or summer and so on.

Yet, we don’t want to go into great detail right now, but rather talk about the right cycling kit itself. What makes a good racing kit? What do you need for your first MTB tour? What are the must-haves for commuting in winter? Read below what you should pay attention to when purchasing cycling clothing.

We stock a wide range of women’s and men’s cycling clothing for road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, touring and daily commutes – ranging from cycling jerseys through to padded tights, from full face helmets through to city helmets, from t-shirts through to high-end jackets. Browse through our range of renowned brands like ROSE, ASSOS, GORE WEAR, Castelli, VAUDE and more and put together your individual cycling outfit in all common colours and sizes – for kids, women and men. You are sure to find the right cycling clothes for your needs at ROSE Bikes!

Our tips:

  1. 1. Cycling Clothing for Speed Lovers
    1. 1.1.Summer Racing Kits
    2. 1.2. Winter Racing Kits
  2. 2. MTB Clothes for Off-Road Adventures
    1. 2.1. Summer Mountain Biking Kits
    2. 2.2. Winter Mountain Biking Kits
  3. 3. Casual Clothing for cycle touring
    1. 3.1. Bicycle Touring Clothing for Summer
    2. 3.2. Bicycle Touring Clothing for Winter

Cycling Clothing for Speed Lovers

Those who got into road cycling should invest in close-fitting, aerodynamic cycling clothes. These garments increase saddle comfort and provide unrestricted freedom of movement as well as best breathability on the bike.

Please find below the must-haves for your racing kit!

Summer Racing Kits

In summer, you are often bothered by the heat and the dazzling sun. Thus, your summer cycling kit should be designed to keep you cool on fast-paced summer tours and perfectly protect you from harmful UV rays.

For hot days, your cycling clothes should above all be breathable. This guarantees best ventilation in high temperatures and during intensive training sessions.

Besides, it makes sense to choose textiles that offer good UV protection. The level of UV protection is indicated in the product description on the respective product page.

Must-haves for your summer racing kit:

Road Cycling Jersey

Available with short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless – depending on the temperature and personal preferences. The only thing that’s important is that the material is very breathable and that it offers good UV protection.

Cycling Shorts

Available as waist shorts or bib shorts. It is also advisable to choose road cycling shorts with a gentle compression effect to support blood flow and muscles.

Short Sleeve Base Layer or Singlet

Especially in summer, it’s important to wear a good quality base layer. Functional fibres effectively wick excess moisture and heat away from your body and move it to the next layer.

Road Shoes
with Cleat Mount

Light upper materials with large mesh panels provide best ventilation on warm days.
Featuring three holes arranged in a triangle, road bike shoes allow you to mount cleats and thus use them in combination with pedals with 3 bolt standard.
A rule of thumb: The stiffer the sole, the better the energy is transferred to the pedals. At ROSE Bikes, you’ll find everything ranging from road shoes with nylon soles for beginners via shoes with composite soles through to shoes with high-end full carbon sole for pros.

Cycling Socks

Breathable road cycling socks keep your feet comfortably dry and cool.

Road Bike Helmet

A must-have! A light road bike helmet with many large vents and internal ventilation channels even provides a constant air flow in high temperature for a cool head and maximum safety while riding.

Road Cycling Gloves

Light, padded short finger gloves protect your hands and joints from micro-vibrations from the road surface. This helps prevent fatigue and reduces stress on the wrists.
For especially warm days, you should choose light outer fabrics made of mesh.
An anti-slip palm provides maximum grip on the handlebar.

Sports Bra
(for women)

A light, breathable sports bra is a must-have for maximum support during sport activities. We offer sports bras for maximum performance in the saddle.

Cycling Cap

Our light racing caps are more than just stylish accessories.
Worn underneath a helmet, they additionally protect from insects and UV rays and wick off moisture and heat to the outside of the fabric during intensive training sessions.

Sports Glasses

Whether tinted or self-tinting, polarised, mirrored or with spare lenses – At ROSE Bikes, you’ll find the right pair of road cycling glasses as protection from dazzling light, harmful UV rays, insects and draughts.

Windbreaker Jacket/Vest or Rain Jacket

When riding in cold weather or rain, lightweight road bike windbreakers or rain jackets are always a great choice. They offer good protection from the elements while being very breathable at that – ideal as a weather protection on warm days!


Especially for longer distances, many road cyclists use a light hydration pack.
It offers enough space to carry a windbreaker jacket, a rain jacket, tools and more. Besides, they feature a hydration bladder compartment and a hydration port for the drinking tube to keep you well hydrated on your tours.

Winter Racing Kits

Cold temperatures and bad weather are no reason to leave your bike in the garage throughout autumn and winter. With the right cycling gear, you can keep on training in low temperatures, rain and storm and thus prepare for the coming season.

For autumn and winter, you should choose garments that keep you warm while protecting you from the elements.

The major brands have developed special winter cycling clothing made of thermal fabric to perfectly protect you from cold temperatures and draughts. The fabric provides best insulation. In addition, the garments often feature a membrane, a thin layer of plastic sheeting that keeps away wind and rain. Thus, you don’t even have to stay at home on bad weather days!

Must-haves for your winter racing kit:

Road Cycling Jersey

Whether with short sleeves, long sleeves or in combination with a jacket – depending on temperature and personal preferences, you can choose from a wide range of warm thermal road bike jerseys for the cold season.

Cycling Tights and Trousers

Available as long waist tights or bib tights. Warm functional fibres protect you from cold and keep your muscles strong in low temperatures.

Base Layer

In winter, a base layer provides effective insulation against the cold. Functional fibres keep you comfortably warm, while being very breathable to wick away sweat and excess heat and move it to the next layer.
Base layers with a high percentage of merino wool are also a good choice. This fabric feels pleasantly soft on the skin and has naturally odour-inhibiting and breathable properties.

Road Shoes or Winter Road Shoes
with Cleat Mount

For cold days, you can choose between traditional road shoes for combination with warm overshoes and special winter cycling shoes made of insulatin