MTB Goggles – Bike Goggles for Adrenaline Junkies

Just like a full-face helmet, goggles are an essential part of every MTB and MX rider’s kit. These robust glasses, which are specially developed for Downhill, Enduro, FR, Gravity and more disciplines, are used to protect you from dirt, branches or injuries during a crash.

Our range includes a large selection of MTB goggles for Downhill, Enduro and more disciplines in all common colours by renowned manufacturers such as FOX, O’NEAL and 100%. Matching replacement parts such as tear-off visors, replacement lenses and more can be found in our Accessories category.

The lens – the core of your goggle

MTB goggles come with a large one-piece lens which is embedded in a robust plastic frame. This gives you an extra wide field of view and superior vision on your mountain bike. There is a huge range of lenses available – from classic clear or transparent lenses through to lenses in different colours and mirrored ones. In the following, we would like to explain the differences:

  • Break-proof: It is of particular importance for MTB goggles that the lens is extremely durable. So that it doesn’t splinter when hitting a stone or a branch, the lens is usually made from polycarbonate.
  • UV protection: To protect your eyes from harmful UV-A, B and C rays, you should make sure that your goggles come with built-in UV protection.
  • Tint: Depending on your personal preferences and on where you ride, you can choose between MTB goggles with different lens tints – from clear through to tinted lenses in red, green, blue or very dark versions. The darker the lens is, the more light it blocks. On very bright days, you should therefore opt for a tinted lens. On overcast days, a clear, yellow or orange lens might be sufficient.
  • Mirrored: Mirrored lenses have a reflective coating on their outside and are increasingly popular. They are not only worn for aesthetic reasons, but also because they can reduce glare.
  • Anti-fog coating: A microscopic coating of the lens may help prevent the lens from steaming up. Read more about it further on in the text.

Anti-fog coatings

Many MTB riders complain about the lens of their goggles steaming up quickly in high temperatures or during strong sweating. In forums and tutorials, you can find a great number of questionable tips and tricks on how to avoid this – for example rubbing in spit or shaving foam. The real secret of reduced fogging, however, does not so much imply a subsequent treatment of the lens, yet a special finish of the frame and padding. Steamed-up lenses are a sign of condensation, which builds up with high temperatures and moisture.

This can be reduced or even completely avoided with optimum venting. When buying goggles, you should therefore make sure they come with numerous and large vents. Moreover, the foam paddings should not absorb excess moisture, but wick it off to the outside quickly.

What’s more, many manufacturers apply a special coating to their lenses, which is to reduce condensation as well. The microscopically small coating avoids that droplets of water vapour build up, settle on the lens, spread the light and cause fogging. This coating helps you keep your vision clear. Anti-fog coatings can be applied to classic as well as to mirrored lenses.

Secure fit thanks to glasses strap

The MTB goggle is held in position with a wide elastic strap, which starts at the side of the goggle’s frame and runs around the entire bike helmet once. The length of the strap can be regulated with an adjuster. In addition, some glasses straps are silicone backed to help keep the goggle stable. A key factor you should pay attention to when choosing the right pair of goggles is the perfect fit with your helmet. The strap buckle should fit seamlessly on your helmet without restricting, protruding or slipping. Many full-face helmets have a clip on the back designed to hold the glasses strap in place securely.

Goggle frame

The frame of your goggle provides stable hold for the lens. Air can circulate through large vents in the frame to prevent the lens from steaming up quickly. Thanks to a foam lining, the frame moulds perfectly to your face for a comfortable yet tight fit. The foam used should be moisture-managing to ensure perfect comfort. For increased wearing comfort, some manufacturers fit their goggles with multi-layer foam linings.

Nose guard

Many downhill goggles come with a nose guard to offer improved protection for your nose. The plastic construction at the lower side of the frame is meant to shield you during a crash or against protruding branches. Usually, the nose guard is removable and can be used as required.

We are sure that these tips will help you find the perfect MTB goggles. If you are still not sure which goggles to choose, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you!

We stock a wide range of MTB goggles for Downhill, Enduro and more disciplines. These are available in all common colours and made by renowned manufacturers such as FOX, O’NEAL and 100%. Please find matching replacement part such as tear-off visors, replacement lenses and more in our Accessories category.