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Accessories for Sports Sunglasses

Lens Wipes, Optical Inserts, Spare lenses and More

We offer accessories that match your sports sunglasses perfectly. Our range includes spares by RUDY PROJECT, ROSE, OAKLEY and more brands. If you are not sure which spare part fits your glasses best, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you!

Replacement lenses

In changing light conditions or if lenses are heavily scratched, it is recommended to swap lenses provided that your sunglasses allow for it. Some manufacturers fit their glasses with interchangeable lenses that can be exchanged easily. In this way, you can choose different lenses for riding under overcast sky or on very bright summer days. Our range includes extra lenses in various tints that fit your sports glasses.   

Cleaning accessories

If you love your sports sunglasses, you should regularly clean and polish them. Contact with high temperatures and sweat wear out the material quickly – this can be prevented with the right care products. Our range contains cleaning sprays, cleaning sets and lens wipes that are perfectly suited for this purpose. Take care of your shades!

Optical inserts

An optical insert is a great possibility for glasses wearers to use their sunglasses with corrective lenses. The insert is specially adapted to the glasses model and can be easily clipped in and out. The light plastic frame leaves space for prescription lenses so that your optician can easily fit them. Optical inserts are usually suitable for corrective lenses up to +/- 2 dioptres; a maximum of +/- 4 dioptres might be possible as well. Please see your optician to have the respective lenses made. 


Our product range also includes a selection of spares for your sunglasses. Whether you need new nose pads or earpieces – matching spare parts will give your sports glasses the facelift they deserve. Have a look around and discover the replacement parts we hold in stock for sports eyewear.

Shop spare parts that match your sports sunglasses by renowned manufacturers such as OAKLEY, ROSE, RUDY PROJECT and more now!