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Waterproof Socks

Stay Protected from the Elements

Waterproof socks are a must-have for wet and muddy outdoor activities – be it cycling, mountain biking, hiking, walking or running. The socks keep your feet warm and dry for longer adventures. We stock a wide range of waterproof cycling socks for women and men in all common sizes and colours by renowned branks like SealSkinz.

Waterproof thanks to Hydrophilic Membrane

Waterproof socks are usually equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane. This protective layer inside the material is microporous, which means that it is full of microscopic holes or pores. The holes in the membrane are so small that no large water droplets can pass through. Water vapour that is produced by the body on the contrary can easily escape through the perforations. Thus, waterproof socks keep your feet dry in rain and offer high breathability for a comfortable feeling. GORE-TEX membranes are some of the most well-known membranes.

SealSkinz HYDROSTOP Tape 

There are two important features all waterproof socks should offer: On the one hand, they should prevent water from penetrating through the material into the shoe. On the other hand, water running down the legs should be kept out of the socks as well. The well-known manufacturer SealSkinz has come up with the innovative idea to create a close and watertight bond between sock cuff and skin. Therefore, the brand uses HYDROSTOP tape on the inside of the sock cuff. This silicone tape ensures a tight and non-slip fit of the cycling socks and thus provides an additional barrier which protects against the penetration of water from above. Thus, you are perfectly protected from moisture and rain.

Waterproof Socks for the Cold Months

Especially on cold and rainy days in autumn or winter, you should make sure your waterproof socks offer enough insulation. Therefore, we recommend wearing socks with a warm liner or merino wool to keep your feet warm and toasty in the cold months of the year.

You want to have dry feet in wet and muddy conditions? Then our waterproof socks are just right for you! In the ROSE online shop, you’ll find the right socks to keep your feet pleasantly warm and dry. We stock a wide range of waterproof cycling socks for women and men in all common sizes and colours by renowned brands like SealSkinz.