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High Visibility Cycling Jackets – See and Be Seen

Apart from proper accessories like high-visibility shoes, arm warmers, leg warmers and hi-vis trousers, all cyclists who frequently ride in low light and darkness should have a high-visibility jacket. Thanks to eye-catching colours and large reflective elements, you will stand out from the crowd so that other road users will see you better. For added safety!

We offer high-quality hi-vis cycling jackets in all common sizes for women and men, as well as road cyclists, mountain bikers and cycle tourers by renowned brands like ENDURA, VAUDE, ROSE and MAVIC. Shop for hi-vis jackets at ROSE Bikes now!

Why you should wear a high-visibility cycling jacket

You’ve probably already experienced how hard it is to see pedestrians dressed in black in darkness. Thus, we offer a wide range of high visibility cycling jackets for improved road safety. These jackets stand out for their colours and reflective details. They are designed to make you stand out in the dark so that car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will see you sooner.

One important aspect for your safety is the colour of the jacket. A bright neon yellow or other fluorescent colours are perfectly visible in poor light conditions. Additional large reflective elements light up when hit by headlights. Wearing high-vis clothing makes you a safer cyclist, especially in the dark months of the year.

  • Dark clothes are hard to see in low light and darkness.
  • High-visibility clothing increases your visibility in road traffic
  • Neon colours clearly stand out against a dark background.
  • Large reflective elements turn into a reflector when hit by headlights

High Visibility Hardshell Cycling Jackets with Membrane

To make sure you don’t have to stay at home on rainy and/or stormy days, many technical jackets (also called hardshell jackets) feature an integrated membrane. You’ve certainly already heard of GORE-TEX, GORE WINDSTOPPER, SYMPATEX, TEXAPORE or CEPLEX. These are weather-resistant plastic sheets that are welded to the other layers of the garment. Thanks to micro pores inside the material, a membrane prevents rain droplets from penetrating – while allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to pass through to the outside. This additionally makes the membranes breathable.

Three-layer laminates consist of a weather-resistant membrane sandwiched between an outer fabric and lining. A two-layer laminate consists of a membrane that is laminated to the inside of an outer fabric and, where required, a loose mesh liner on the inside. Besides, there are 2.5-layer laminates that do not have a liner, but a thin protective layer. It’s up to you to decide how many layers you need or prefer.

  • Weather-resistant membranes protect you from wind and rain.
  • The microscopically small perforations prevent water from penetrating the garment.
  • Yet, they allow water vapour to escape
  • Two-layer laminate = outer fabric + membrane (+ loose liner where required)
  • 2.5-layer laminate = outer fabric + membrane + thin protective layer inside

Windproof or wind-resistant? Which hi-viz jacket is right for me?

No membrane is like the other – basically, you can distinguish between windproof, wind-resistant, waterproof and water-resistant membranes. A windproof membrane inside a windbreaker jacket primarily helps reduce wind chill. This effect makes the air temperature feel colder as the wind increases – for example: a temperature of -5°C and a moderate wind speed will easily produce a wind chill temperature of -18°C. Thus, you should choose a membrane that prevents the penetration of wind into the windbreaker jacket. Windproof membranes protect you from draughts and reduce the risk of overcooling. Some popular windproof membranes are for instance GORE WINDSTOPPER by GORE WEAR and VAUDE WINDPROOF membranes. Cycling jackets with a wind-resistant membrane cannot fully stop wind from penetrating, but offer light protection from cold air. This makes them perfectly suitable for windless days or days with only a slight breeze.

  • Windproof membranes reduce the windchill effect.
  • Wind chill = in strong winds temperatures feel colder
  • A windproof membrane prevents wind from penetrating.
  • Wind-resistant membranes on the contrary only offer light protection from winds.

All Weather Cycling – High Visibility Cycling Jackets with Waterproof or Water-resistant Membrane

When cycling on rainy days or riding through a puddle, you should wear a cycling jacket with a waterproof or water-resistant membrane. According to the European standard DIN EN 343:2010-05 (protective clothing against rain), a fabric must have a water column of at least 800mm to be rated as “class 2 waterproof”. “Class 3 waterproof” fabrics must have a water column of 1300 mm. Everything below this magic limit is water-repellent, which means that the fabric absorbs water after a short time. Thus, you are well advised to choose a rain jacket with a high waterproof rating when riding in heavy rain. Some popular waterproof membranes for cycling clothing are for instance GORE-TEX by GORE WEAR, VAUDE CEPLEX and VAUDE SYMPATEX.

  • Water-resistant membranes are merely resistant to wheel spray and light rain
  • Waterproof membranes even withstand heavy rain

Which water column should the waterproof membrane of my garments have?

There’s no general answer to this question. If you for instance want to wear a backpack or ride in strong winds, it will be good to choose a higher water column. This is because strong winds and backpacks increase the water pressure on the fabric. What’s also important is that garments with a waterproof membrane have water-resistant seams and zippers. These are usually welded to make sure no water can penetrate. It is of course highly recommended to use a higher water column for activities in rain – here, the different manufacturers vie with each other with values of up to 30,000 mm. If you are not sure what you need, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help you find a cycling jacket in your size and price class.

  • The water column indicates the amount of water a fabric can withstand
  • Cyclists should go for a high water column

High Visibility Softshell Jackets

Jackets made of a light softshell fabric are becoming more and more popular. The softshell fabric is especially elastic and has a high stretch content. Thus, softshell jackets offer high freedom of movement for cycling and daily life. The material feels comfortable on the skin and is breathable, water-repellent and wind-resistant. The only thing it doesn’t withstand is heavy rain.

High-vis softshell jackets are perfect for in-between seasons, as they offer high comfort and light protection from cold and wind. Thanks to bright colours and large reflective details, they additionally provide a high level of safety on your tours.

  • Softshell jackets are very elastic
  • High freedom of movement
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant
  • High comfort

Features that might be interesting for you

  • Hood: If you wear a cycle helmet in combination with a waterproof helmet cover, you won’t really need a hood. Hoods are mainly used for casual jackets designed for everyday use.
  • LED or safety light: Some manufacturers equip their jackets with LED lights to further increase visibility. Thus, other road users will see you sooner.
  • Drop tail: When being bent over in a cycling position, traditional jackets tend to ride up and expose sensitive body parts. Special cycling jackets, however, have a longer tail at the rear for extra coverage and protection from cold, wind and rain while riding.
  • Pockets: Most jackets feature integrated pockets to stow away your energy bar, keys, smartphone, MP3 player etc. Traditional cycling jackets come with a three-compartment rear pocket with an additional zip pocket for valuables and thus offer space for everything you might need on your tours. Waterproof jackets additionally feature water-resistant zippers to make sure moisture cannot penetrate the garment.
  • Raglan sleeves: The pre-shaped sleeves are specially adapted to the riding posture on the bike. Therefore, the sleeves don’t ride up that easily and don’t constrict at the shoulders.

With these practical tips, it should be easy to find the right hi-vis cycling jacket for your next tour. If you are unsure which rain jacket is right for you or if you require further advice, our expert consultants will be happy to help. Just reach out to us!

We offer high-quality hi-vis cycling jackets in all common sizes and price ranges for women and men, as well as road cyclists, mountain bikers and cycle tourers by renowned brands like ENDURA, VAUDE, ROSE and MAVIC. Shop for hi-vis jackets for increased visibility at ROSE Bikes now!