Cámaras de aire super ligeras para bicicleta que superan tus expectativas de durabilidad y de ligereza


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A bicycle tube generation made of high-tech elastomer
The two Austrian engineers Christian Lembach and Akos Kertesz came up with the idea to revolutionize the bicycle tube market when developing lightweight high-tech membrane films for smartphone loudspeakers. As passionate mountain bikers, the two Tubolito founders have experienced the disadvantages of disproportionately heavy butyl tubes with a high pack size that can make up around 40% of the total tyre weight themselves. Using a newly developed process of production, they could transfer the technology of the light thermoplastic elastomer from mobile phone loudspeakers to pressure-resistant bicycle tubes. Successful tests prove this brave theory to develop especially lightweight yet very robust bicycle inner tubes that perfectly fit into any jersey pocket as a reliable replacement for standard tubes.

A real alternative to tubeless systems
The still young company Tubolito from Austria has exclusively specialized in the production of ultra-light tubes. Depending on their size, Tubolito tubes are up to 80% lighter than conventional standard butyl tubes. The pioneers from Vienna primarily focus on the development of lightweight and robust bicycle tubes for mountain bikes, as a replacement for rubber tubes or as an option for tubeless riding with sealant. The seamless technology of elastomer Tubos not only reduces the risk of bursting, but also provides high protection from punctures even at low air pressure. In contrast to a time-consuming conversion of an appropriate rim to a tubeless system for weight and puncture risk reduction, an easy tube replacement with an easily repairable Tubo is done with a flick of the wrist.

Improve your performance on the road
Lightweight Tubo tubes are not only available for mountain bikes, fat bikes and e-bikes with wide tyres, but there are also road tyres with a low rolling resistance available. These inner tubes for road bikes offer a great performance, as they not only come with a lower weight, but also ensure reduced friction between inner tube and tyre, as the smooth elastomer material perfectly adapts to the respective tyre size. Inside your luggage, the orange tube carries almost no weight. You can even remove the valve of S-Tubo and road tube version for a smaller pack size. More models and sizes to come…