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The triumphal advance of SRAM, the company known for its bicycle components began in 1987 when the company founders Scott, Ray and Sam decided to bring a rotating mountain bike lever onto the market. In the years that followed, the Americans continuously developed new shifting technologies and today, they enjoy a large fan base among road bikers and mountain bikers. Today, among other things, the company is very well known and admired for its range of rear derailleurs, front derailleurs, chains, sprockets and everything else besides. Always in search of technological improvements, SRAM is constantly working to develop its products for its customers. The only way to succeed is by permanently satisfying the customer with high-performance bike components. As such, both amateur cyclists and professional riders are among the loyal fans of this American brand.  
SRAM – High performance bicycle components for almost all types of bike  
In the field of competitive cycling, SRAM has become known for its development of the ‘grip shift’ twist shifter, which was followed by other components such as rear derailleurs and front derailleurs. Another area in which SRAM competes in the market with high-performance cycling products, is that of brakes, brake callipers and brake switch combinations. The company SRAM offers these and other bike components for virtually all types of bike. On the road, whether on a mountain bike, a touring bike or a road bike, all cyclists benefit from well-designed and well-developed cycling technology that convinces in terms of its high precision. Today, the continuous development of the individual bike components such as brakes, drives, hubs and rear derailleurs still convinces cyclists all around the world.