Handlebar grips and saddles for a relaxed ride on your bicycle


The brand Sportourer from Italy associates the topic of freedom with unlimited mobility on two wheels and with the individual perception of space and time, especially when cycling. The bicycle represents the key to a more active life and allows you to experience the spirit of freedom. Every saddle and handlebar grip by Sportourer reflects this credo. 
Sportourer – Bike saddles and handlebar grips for a relaxed ride
The independent brand under the roof of the traditional Italian company Selle Italia distributes, develops and produces bike saddles, handlebar grips and other useful bike accessories with a high technological standard. Freedom should be fun. Thus, the aim is to offer cyclists high comfort in the saddle and a good grip on the handlebar. Two important criteria to make cycling a real alternative for many people. Sportourer wants to motivate people to cycle and this is why the brand focuses on developing comfortable and safe products with a great fit and reflective designs.

Sportourer – Enjoy increased comfort and safety
All saddles, handlebar grips and accessories of the wide product range are adapted to the customers’ requirements in the best way possible – no matter if you are a sport enthusiast, a commuter, a city biker or an off-road cruiser. The company impresses with the use of highly elastic foams and gel pads, as well as with an elastomer system for even pressure distribution and great shock absorption. Moreover, Sportourer can draw on over 120 years of experience of the traditional parent company Selle Italia to develop sophisticated bike accessories that meet highest quality and safety standards. Apart from ergonomic handlebar grips and accessories, the company stocks modern sport, touring and city saddles. Each of the three saddle series is at a high technological level and perfectly adapted to the customers’ lifestyle.