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productos para andar en bici

Tradition meets innovation
With their innovative products, the company SKS GERMANY that was founded in 1921 belongs to the leading manufacturers of bike accessories. The “Made in Germany” quality seal proves the company’s high level of quality, functionality and design. All products are developed with plenty of experience and creativity in the development and design departments on site and put through their paces afterwards.

High-quality mini and frame pumps, high-precision shock pumps and the cult product, the RENNKOMPRESSOR, characterize the range of bike pumps. The pumps stand out for comfortable features, a high pumping power and robust materials. In addition, SKS Germany offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories, ranging from CO2 cartridges through to spare hoses.

Goodies for your bike
SKS mudguards promise perfect protection from dirt and splashing water. The robust fenders made of plastic not only protect the cyclist, but also make sure flying stones won’t damage your bike. Whether mountain bikes, road bikes or hybrids – SKS GERMANY offers the right mudguard for every wheel and frame size.

For increased comfort
Apart from compact bike tools, chain guards, bottles, bottle cages, bike bags and saddles, the bicycle care product line BIKE LIQUIDS has also been integrated into the SKS range to provide even more comfort during repair and maintenance works.

Stay smooth!

he high-performance chain oil LUBE YOUR CHAIN meets very high standards. The oil bottle comes with an applicator on top to ensure even wetting of the single chain links. This patented solution for the application of the lubricant was developed and tested in the development department of SKS GERMANY. The result: Lubricating a chain has never been easier, more efficient and cleaner.

The chain lube is made by the company Bechem Lubrication Technology and produced in Germany. The experts from the automotive industry have developed the lubricant especially for SKS GERMANY. LUBE YOUR CHAIN is 100% solvent-free and thus guarantees perfect lubrication. It stays on the chain longer, protects it and reduces wear. Another advantage: The PTFE contained leaves a protective film over the chain to reduce friction and ensure smooth running. In addition, the oil seals the gaps between integral bushings and rollers and thus keeps the chain free from dirt. The good lubricating properties were proved in a laboratory test with a high value of 137,5 N/mm². Thanks to an economical application and a high efficiency, the bottle’s content (75 ml) lasts for up to 75 uses.

Wellness Program for your Bike

Wellness Program for your Bike

Regular care and maintenance help prolong the life of your bicycle. The WASH YOUR BIKE cleaner cleans oily and greasy components without attacking seals and surfaces. Yet, the bicycle chain also requires proper care: The specifically developed high-performance chain oil LUBE YOUR CHAIN meets very high standards. The bottle comes with a practical applicator on top for easy application. The preservative SAVE YOUR FRAME is perfect to care for your bike frame. After cleaning, the frame is protected through a dirt- and water-resistant film. The PTFE lubricant TUNE YOUR PARTS is water-resistant and protects from corrosion and wear. Last but not least, the SEAL YOUR TYRE sealant eliminates the need to replace your tube.
Air Out of A Bottle

Air Out of A Bottle

RIDEAIR is the first refillable cartridge made by SKS GERMANY. The cartridge “to take away” is a helper in need that fits into all common bottle cages. Also perfect for e-bikes or to fill tubeless tyres. The LOCK version of the RIDEAIR additionally offers a special feature: It comes with an integrated cable lock to protect the bike from theft.

Once you are back home, you can refill the cartridge in just a few simple steps. The SKS RENNKOMPRESSOR floor pump is perfect for this job, as it easily delivers 16 bars of pressure – this is exactly the pressure the RIDEAIR needs to ensure an optimal inflation of the tyres.