Sixpack offers everything you need for your dirt bike


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Sixpack is a German manufacturer of components for all kinds of Gravity sport including dirt jump, freeride and downhill. Sixpack was founded in 2007 and has soon made a name for itself in the freestyle scene with its colourful and unconventional parts. The components that are developed in-house not only stand out for great looks and high quality, but also impress with a great value for money.

Sixpack’s product range has grown considerably over the years and offers passionate dirt and downhill riders a huge choice of bike parts. Ranging from handlebars, stems and grips via pedals through to seat posts, you can find almost every component of your bike in a wide variety of different colours. Which bike wouldn’t look better with a few colourful highlights? Sixpack parts turn your bike into an eye-catcher and make it as individual as you are.

The riders of the Sixpack Racing team are involved in the development of the components to make sure that the final products do not only meet the requirements of pros, but also allow amateur riders and beginners to fully accelerate with high-quality parts.

Modern materials like magnesium, titanium or CNC-milled aluminium provide best stability and a low weight of the components – the two key factors of Gravity sports. On the one hand, this kind of sport can only be done with an agile, lightweight bike that is easy to control up in the air. However, on the other hand, robust parts can protect the athletes in case of a fall. The long practical experience of the developers and the feedback of active athletes ensure a permanent improvement of Sixpack parts.

The stylish high-quality components by Sixpack offer you enough possibilities to show your colours! Whether it’s for your dirt bike, your freeride bike or your downhill bike: The love of Gravity sports can be found in each single part!