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As fast as the wheels are turning in cycling, more than half a century passes in retrospect. Because, if you look at the history of the SIDI company, the beginnings reach back as far as 1960, when company founder Dino Signori turned his passion for cycling into his profession. In his own craft business, the production of cycling and sports shoes became more and more important, so that SIDI turned into one of the leading cycling shoe manufacturers within the next centuries. Today, SIDI offers a great choice of MTB and road bike shoes for hobby athletes as well as for cycling pros.

SIDI cycling shoes – sports shoes with high-tech comfort  
SIDI MTB/trekking and road shoes are ergonomically thought-out – from the upper material to the closure and the sole. That’s why, they are highly popular bike shoes for all passionate cyclists. Not only the design of the different cycling shoes is convincing, but their function, too. Light upper materials increase the wearing comfort and offer particularly efficient ventilation. Another innovative feature of the shoes is the adjustable “Heel Retention System”, which was developed by SIDI in 2007. With this system, you can adjust the shoes at the heels. In this way, you can adjust the shoes so that they fit particularly securely at the foot and slipping is prevented, e.g. during sprints. Another very practical SIDI development is the Vent carbon sole, a carbon sole for cycling shoes, which ventilates the foot. The Micro Look closures, too, are very popular among cyclists; the Micro Lock twist closure system allows for a perfect adjustment of the shoes to the foot.
SIDI bike shoes and accessories – reliable, comfortable and functional
Today, the SIDI company with its unique balance of tradition, development, style and comfort, belongs to the most extraordinary sport shoe producer of the branch. Moreover, the SIDI company provides multiple useful accessories and spare parts, especially if you would like to match your SIDI shoes with your outfit. This will be no problem with the large range of SIDI replacement parts. Simply combine your SIDI shoes with colour-matched ratchet or twist closures to suit your taste. What’s more, SIDI has extended its range of clothes to provide its fans with matching socks, overshoes, gloves etc. In the future, too, SIDI will invest into an international sales network and guarantee a quality that will thrill millions of athletes. Cyclists all over the world benefit from the SIDI reliability and the comfort, which its technical MTB and road shoes stand for.