Componentes aerodinámicos para triathlon y bicicleta de carretera


Since 1988, the American company ‘Profile Design’ has been developing bicycle components with the aim of offering the cyclist the decisive plus in order to achieve an optimum sitting position and more speed. This is because in cycling, in addition to own muscle power, a lot depends on the quality of cycle parts and accessories. As such, the company’s engineers have spent years developing bicycle components that meet the high demands of road bike cyclists, competitive cyclists, triathletes and other cyclists. In particular, triathletes put their trust in the aerodynamics, weight saving aspects and robustness of the quality products offered by Profile Design.  

Profile Design cycle components – in the field of competitive cycling, design equals speed  
Both professionals and amateur sportsmen/sportswomen are happy to fall back on the extensive range of products from Profile Design. The Profile Design range is characterised by a wide range of stems, holders, rim brake levers and accessories, both for MTBs as well as for road bikes. Since the materials that are used have to be particularly light and suitable for a long service life, carbon and aluminium are frequently used in production. Brakes and drink systems round off the extensive product range. The handlebar tapes from Profile Design are a popular accessory, especially for the handlebars of road bikes.