POLAR bicycle electronics for perfect training support

As one of the leading providers of heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and bike computers, Polar offers cyclists, hobby runners, competitive athletes and all other people interested in fitness a huge range of technological sports products. It does not matter which sport you do – Polar heart rate monitor watches and fitness trackers, GPS devices, bike computers, scales etc. are perfectly help you to adapt your training to your individual body rhythm. Polar delivers technologies in handy devices to monitor performance. Mini computers in watch size measure power, heart rate, time, altitude, speed and much more. The idea of portable heart rate monitors came into existence on a skiing track in 1975. At that time there was no way to accurately record heart rates during training. Just over a year later POLAR was founded by Seppo Säynäjäkangas near the city of Oulu, Finland. In 1979, POLAR filed its first patent for wireless heart rate measurement.

Polar cycling products – Training systems that help you interpret the signals of your body correctly   
Today, the huge product range of POLAR meets the high requirements and different aims of cyclists and all fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Depending on the model, the versatile mini computers measure data with a chest strap or directly at the wrist, so that you can monitor and further improve your training. Thanks to an integrated GPS sensor, Polar GPS sports watches measure precise data such as route, speed and distance and provide an individual training analysis via a smartphone app.

What motivates the company POLAR most is the desire to correctly interpret the signals of the body. That is why you can choose from a huge selection of training systems ranging from sophisticated training computers through to lightweight fitness trackers – and the range is constantly expanded. To make sure that the sensitive computers can be fitted to your bike easily, there are diverse mounts available. Speed and cadence sensors help you analyse your training data in a perfect way.

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Polar POLAR soft strap for WearLink heart rate sensor

Polar elastic strap for WearLink textile straps. The Polar elasticated strap is a very comfortable electrode chest strap for heart rate measurement. T...

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Polar V800 HR GPS sports watch

Developed for daily training sessions of professional athletes and ambitious amateur athletes, as well as all sports enthusiasts. The Polar V800 GPS s...


Color: schwarz/schwarz

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Polar M400 HR GPS training watch

Step by step to your personal best. The Polar M400 HR GPS training watch including Bluetooth Smart running sensor is an exceptional blend of sporty de...

Color: black

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Polar Aero bike mount for V650/M450/M460 bike computer

Aerodynamic and easy to reach anytime – the Polar Aero bike mount offers decisive advantages for ambitious time trial riders when split seconds count....

Color: schwarz

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Polar battery set CR 1632 for FT4/FT7

The Polar battery set CR 1632 allows for easy battery replacement. The set consists of a battery cover, a sealing ring and a CR1632 battery for easy a...

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Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor

Hasta la vista, chest strap. With the optical OH1 heart rate sensor by Polar, the constricting and uncomfortable chest strap for hobby and endurance a...

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Polar M430 GPS training watch

The Polar M430 heart rate watch offers all popular features of heart rate measurement and, in addition, now also an optical sensor for wrist-based hea...

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Polar A370 fitness tracker

Find your balance and enjoy life. The Polar A370 fitness tracker offers 24/7 heart rate measurement, as well as sleep tracking – to keep you fit in yo...

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