Sports equipment for fashion-conscious athletes


Today, the popular Oakley product range which is highly valued by fashion-conscious pro cyclists includes sunglasses, ski goggles, watches, hoodies, sweatshirts with zips, t-shirts, caps, scarves, backpacks, shoes as well as many other articles. In 1975, Oakley (and its founder, Jim Jannard) laid a foundation stone which was not initially in the field of cycling. At this time, the manufacturing of cycle clothes was not something that was considered and it was not cycling, but motocross which benefited from a new product: A motocross grip, which was more ergonomic and – thanks to the new material unobtainium – had a better grip than anything that had gone before. Then, at the beginning of the 80's, Oakley manufactured the first safety glasses and subsequently concentrated more heavily on manufacturing sunglasses for cycling.
Oakley sports articles – From sport glasses through to clothing for cyclists 
The sports articles manufacturer Oakley offers its customers a wide range of products especially designed for cycling. In the field of mountain bikes, the range has been extended to include goggles for dirt and snow. To this day, Oakley has developed a unique range of sports glasses, sunglasses, standard optical glasses and accessories for glasses. High performance athletes such as racing cyclists and mountain bikers benefit from the well planned technical features of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). In 1999, Oakley launched its first collection of sports clothing. Today, the clothing for cyclists (with textiles such as bike shirts, bib shorts, shorts and much more) is highly sought after, especially in the markets for high functionality and lifestyle clothing. 

Oakley sports articles – A manufacturer of sports articles that can be combined well 
Based in Southern California and Hertfordshire in Great Britain, the sports article manufacturer Oakley has used its remarkable brands to become a global leader. Time and again, in the manufacturing of its sports articles, the company draws inspiration from sports, science and art. Doing so, Oakley regularly sets trends with its cycle clothes and provides a comprehensive range of sports accessories for athletes and professional cyclists alike.