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The bike component manufacturer Miche has specialised in the development and manufacture of chainsets, wheels and cassettes. The latter plays an important role on all rides: Cassettes are mainly responsible for the bike’s drive and are fitted to the rear wheel. Therefore, quality, workmanship, durability and reliability are of fundamental importance. The bike cassette company Miche offers a wide range of different cassettes, sprockets and cogsets. Depending on the type of bike, different bike cassette systems are used. The company Miche offers 8 to 10-speed chromed cassettes for cyclists with a high consciousness for quality. It’s important though that bicycle chain and cassette are perfectly compatible with each other to ensure silent and smooth shifting.

Bike Components by Miche – Thoroughly Tested Bike Cassettes
Cassettes by Miche are available with a gear ratio of 16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-26. Every single cassette is a product of high quality – designed to offer high durability and reliability. Thus, the manufacturer attaches great importance to the durability of every single sprocket, because only when each individual part works properly, the overall performance will be good. Therefore, it is not without reason that all Miche cassettes are thoroughly tested before their first use. Besides, the cassettes are made from an extremely durable material. After all, technical products like cogsets are wearing parts you need on every ride. Miche cassettes are always delivered with the lockring.

Miche Bike Cassettes – Bike Parts for a Smooth Ride
For a smooth ride on all roads and tracks you need perfectly matched bike parts on the rear wheel of your bike. Miche offers 9-/10-/11-speed bicycle hubs that are compatible with the brand Campagnolo. The width of the chain and sprocket teeth should be carefully selected for perfect performance and smooth shifting. Only if chain and sprocket work perfectly together, the shifting processes will be smooth, as the chain can easily move from one sprocket to the other. This makes up- and downshifting pleasantly silent and reliable. It’s important to know though that you need a special tool to remove a cassette. To install a cogset, you need a chain removal tool and a chain whip.