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Chain oil for the bike


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Since its foundation in 2010, the company KETTENWIXE duraglide has pursued the objective of being able to offer cyclists high-quality chain oil for use in difficult conditions or in long road races. The long-term lubrication is an important quality feature of the company from Lahnstein. Because in order to achieve best possible "self-lubrication effect", the products are designed so that the active substances of the oil remain in the interior of the chain and are continuously distributed by the movement of the chain links. Since 2014, there is also a Kettenwixe spray available apart from oil in a dropping bottle. Thanks to a small tube in the can spray, the spray allows for a precise application on all moving parts of the bike. 

Minimum wear, low level of dirt adhesion, active rust protection
KETTENWIXE promises to minimise the wear of the inside surfaces of the chain which are subjected to particularly high stresses with a high pressure-resistance of the sliding film. Furthermore, the Kettenwixe chain oil is only dirt-binding at a low level, as the active substances are wash-off resistant which ensures that the oil gets neither viscous nor sticky. An active corrosion protection is also one of the features that are often mentioned by the company. 

Tested under real conditions: The KETTENWIXE duraglide quality 
Kettenwixe attaches great importance to developing and testing its products not in the laboratory, but under real conditions. According to the company "test riders are the best test machines" to supply important new facts and figures in all weather conditions for the development of the products.