Tyres for all types of cycling


When riding a road bike, mountain bike, downhill bike, trekking bike or a touring bike, you need tyres that are durable, made from an ideal rubber compound and that provide a perfect grip. The company Kenda knows the specific requirements in relation to the weight, material, quality and workmanship of bicycle tyres which are constantly used for cross country rides. Today, the company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bicycle tyres and inner tubes and it’srecord of success is the result of many years of experience and constant research and development. These days, Kenda is known for innovative product development and a consistently high level of quality. The prices of the inner tubes are absolutely competitive and what’s more,Kenda is particularly well known and appreciated for its excellent customer service. Kenda inner tubes provide grip on all surfaces and terrains.

Kenda bicycle tyres – ranging from tubeless tyres through to tubes with puncture protection  
Kenda’s innovations are known throughout the world. Thanks to the work of engineers, research teams and professional athletes, the company benefits from the latest findings from the rubber industry and the bicycle tyre scene. With their knowledge of the right rubber compound, the company has made a very significant contribution to the testing and launching of further improved tyres and tubes over the years. In addition, the development of inner tubes with puncture protection is equally important for the competitive cycling scene. The secret behind the inner tubes’ success is a special tube which is filled with gel. This means that punctures up to 2.6 mm are nothing to worry about. The air will stay inside the tube. In this way, it won’t be necessary to replace tyres on a bicycle tour anymore, which will save you valuable time. 

Kenda cycling – Tyres and inner tubes for all types of bike tours  
Bicycle tyres and bicycle inner tubes are only as good as the rubber compounds that are used to make them. As a rubber specialist, Kenda knows the combinations which provide optimum results. Decades of experience and development have paid off and so Kenda offers all of the different rubber compounds used in bicycle racing. As a market leader, the company knows the demands placed on bicycle tyres and inner tubes. These criteria include aspects like service life, traction, weight and rolling resistance. Of course, resistance to punctures plays a key role, too. Service life is an important aspect that determines the success of a Kenda product.