Ergonomic high-end bicycle saddles

Todos los sillines de bicicleta ISM

The idea was born on the bike
The inventor of ISM bicycle saddles has spent many hours in the saddle. Following a painful bike ride in 1997, the cyclist and swimmer from Tampa, Florida, started to work on the development of bike seats that are better adapted to the rider’s anatomy to prevent pain and numbness. This is when the idea was born.

Less pressure thanks to an anatomic design
You can immediately see the difference between conventional bicycle saddles and ISM saddles. The saddles that are developed and made in the USA come in a special design for an even better fit. As every cyclist knows, the saddle represents the most intimate connection between the cyclist and its bike. Wrong saddles may encourage back pain, muscle tension and pressure marks. The special shape of ISM bike saddles with an eye-catching cut-out impresses with high ergonomics to reduce pressure on the nerves and arteries.

High-tech saddles that help propel Ironman wins and Olympic medals
The high comfort and durability of ISM bicycle saddles speak for themselves. Both men and women appreciate the anatomic design and enjoy additional comfort on long distances – whether on a road or a mountain bike. The comfortable gel saddles are also very much a talking point in pro cycling.