Cascos y zapatillas de ciclismo de alta calidad para bicicletas urbanas, de carretera y MTB


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GIRO is a company, with its head office in Santa Cruz, USA, which manufactures bike and ski helmets. The company was founded in 1985 when Jim Gentes built his first bike helmet. In 1998 GIRO further introduced its first helmet for winter sport. 

Cycle sport is always accompanied by a significant aspect, the safety and protection of the bike rider. The GIRO company provides a decisive service for almost every area in cycle sport, such as e.g. for the racing bike, the mountain bikes, for bike tours, the use of bikes in everyday life and city traffic and other cycling possibilities. GIRO produces bike helmets for men, women and children, including racing bike helmets, MTB helmets, bike helmets, timed riding helmets, sport helmets, integral helmets, child's bike helmets and youth bike helmets. Furthermore, GIRO offers protective clothing extending from cycling helmets and accessories, such as e.g. bike shoes, through to textiles such as bike gloves and scarves, which are developed and tested under the most extreme conditions. 

Cycling helmets GIRO – ideal equipment for sports cyclists 
New thoughts, new forms, newly defined variety are included in the production list of bike helmets in the GIRO company and are linked to a powerful security aspect. The GIRO bike helmet manufacturer develops cycling helmets which are adapted to the different requirements of a sports cyclist in their use. Thus, for example, a sport helmet needs equipping with an optimal ventilation system with snap-fit visor, replaceable and washable padding. A timed riding helmet beyond that, based on its high aerodynamics, is developed in the wind tunnel and under optimum adaptation systems. For downhill riders there are full-visor helmets with a carbon outer shell, so that the bike helmet is extra light and extremely robust. Child's bike helmets are provided with various setting-adjustment possibilities, so that the high-quality helmet can adapt to the head shape. 

Giro bike helmet – clearly head and shoulders above on the cycling market 
The extensive protection in cycle sport is also further trendsetting for the GIRO company, which links functionality with design and lifestyle, and brings bike helmets onto the cycling market in ever innovative new styles. The linking of performance and styling with each other make the GIRO company a living brand which will develop new designs for the cycle sport sector, also in the future